AMS : “oceanic temperatures are rising unabated”

OK, let’s play that game. 2010 was the hottest year ever. It saw record melt from Greenland and Antarctica. Ocean temperatures are rising unabated.

All of the variables affecting sea level in 2010 would necessarily have caused it to rise. Only it didn’t – sea level plummeted.

However, there is one more degree of freedom which explains this contradiction – the information we are being fed by scientists (who are funded to promote global warming) is simply incorrect.


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4 Responses to AMS : “oceanic temperatures are rising unabated”

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Volume change from supposed ocean temperature increase, sans melting, would have to be noticeable even for average air temperature increases at constant RH.

    OK. I give up. What’s the answer?

    • Latitude says:

      The bottom of the ocean is sinking at an unprecedented rate………………..

    • The rate of thermal expansion of the Earth is much greater than the rate of thermal expansion of the water on the Earth, therefore as the Earth itself warms (hint: CO2 causes warming, the reason the Sun is so hot is because it’s over 350ppm CO2) it expands even faster. Algore told me that the center of the Earth is millions of degrees, so it seem obvious that if we can drain the CO2 from the center of the Earth it will cool and the Earth will shrink so much my sweater won’t fit.

  2. DEEBEE says:

    The ocean is receding because a huge tsunami is coming, caused by the tectonic shift, which is caused by the Arctic melt. I have done IWB proud, creating a fantastic causative chain.

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