Lake Powell 2003 vs 2011

Water levels are up 40 feet since 2003.

Halls Crossing launch ramp.

Bullfrog launch ramp


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5 Responses to Lake Powell 2003 vs 2011

  1. NoMoreGore says:

    What a great success story. Amazing that some cannot accept it without a sense of guilt. Manmade or not, a body of water like this provides habitat for a greater number of creatures.

  2. GregO says:

    It’s wonderful seeing Lake Powell water levels up. Glen Canyon dam has been doing it’s job and is a marvel of civil engineering and is a blessing for us living in the normally arid desert southwest of the USA. The desert southwest is a gorgeous place and I for one am grateful to the dedicated people that built and operate the water resource management of the Colorado River so our civilization can be here protected from floods during wet years, and with a water supply during dry-times.

    I gather that a lot of people go up there and enjoy themselves in boats on the lake as well. I have never been there, don’t have a boat or anything like that, but I wish them all well and am glad people have a wholesome enjoyment of the lake and the outdoors.

  3. Paul H says:

    I wonder where Ed Darrell is hiding.

  4. BCM says:

    Too bad all those people in the desert southwest are living on borrowed time, water-wise. Lake Powell has lost a substantial portion of its capacity not only from drought, but from SILT.. So, as the population in the southwest expands, there will be further stress placed on an ever-dwindling supply of water. Of course this fact will be ignored by people who think that we must adapt our environment to fit our needs.. when in fact we need to adapt to the environment……..

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