Methane Is BS

Cows, Camels, Peat Bogs are all mindless AGW bogeymen.

Methane makes up a tiny component of the atmosphere. If a full crowd at Wembley Stadium represented the atmosphere, chances are there would be zero methane molecules. If the population of New York City represented the atmosphere, there would be less than 30 people who would be methane.

Methane is a very reactive gas, which has a short residence time in the atmosphere. Calculations with the RRTM radiative transfer model show that a doubling of methane would increase downwelling longwave radiation in the tropics by less than one tenth of one percent. Even a 1000X increase in methane would increase downwelling longwave radiation in the tropics by only 1%. Hour to hour variations in water vapor have more effect than a 10X increase in methane.

Grass absorbs CO2 and emits oxygen. Cows eat grass. The grass grows back, absorbing more CO2, and emitting more oxygen. Cows eat more grass. The grass grows back, absorbs more CO2 and emits more oxygen. If you look only at the front end of a cow, it is a carbon sink.

Our friends, being the horses asses that they are, look only at the back end of livestock. The amount of carbon coming out of an animal’s orifices is exactly equal to the amount that went in its mouth. Blaming cows for global warming is yet another example of the extreme stupidity of the flat-earth global warming religion.

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16 Responses to Methane Is BS

  1. Gator says:

    “Cows, Camels, Peat Bogs are all mindless AGW boogeymen.” (I believe this is your intent, and not a golf reference)

    You left out ManBearPig. The original mindless AGW boogeyman. Or Boo-Gorey-Man?

  2. JeffT says:

    While the warmers are counting cows and measuring their belches, nobody seems to realise that the Great Plains of the US were once covered with estimated 50 million American Bison.

    Then there’s David Attenborough’s favourite Bovine, the Wilderbeest of South Africa, many herds numbering in the thousands. The Serengeti has wilderbeest numbering over a million.

    And they’re all ruminants, along with antelopes, goats of many breeds and the many forms and breeds of cattle, including indigineous breeds. All of the family Bovidae.

    So all this BS from “conservationists” is just another alarm to control peoples lives.

    • Mammoth farts ended the last ice age.

    • suyts says:

      Not just an attempt to control peoples lives, this directly goes to part of the trifecta of this movement. Food. Consider the issues brought up by these totalitarians. Energy, water, and food. This is the ultimate goal of the Malthusian totalitarian watermelons. If control over those three can be won, all autonomy, freedom and liberty will be lost.

      • NoMoreGore says:

        Exactly. Dead on the money.

      • Jimash says:

        Yes exactly right. Whether animal or vegetable CO2 is an important part of the food cycle.
        Explaining to some poor AGW hyped schmuck about ow Co2 is completely necessary and helps to feed the multitudes, leaves them with a bad case of cog-dis, which they then blame on you.
        If you then explain the malthusian bent of their Gurus, and their Scroogeian
        population philosophies… well it is not a nice conversation.

  3. Scott says:

    Do you know if the methane numbers take into consideration all the other trace hydrocarbons floating around the atmosphere (i.e. isoprene)? If not, addition of those compounds into the model would reduce the impact even less due to overlapping absorption.

    Even if methane were a serious problem, it’s relatively short purported half life of 12 years in the atmosphere would mean that if CAGW started to happen, an emissions reduction would have a fast-acting impact.


    • Brian G Valentine says:

      I think here, actually, it is assumed that higher hydrocarbons with hi higher MW are not mixed in the atmosphere and so do not contribute.

      I am not sure how methane life in atmosphere is calculated but cannot be very long since DELTA(G) for the oxidation of methane at 288 K is large and negative

      This “methane” thing is obviously nothing more than a device to amplify a shrill voice.

    • purported half life of 12 years in the atmosphere

      That doesn’t seem even vaguely reasonable. Just like the carbon dioxide half life isn’t even in the same order of magnitude as their assertions (necessitated by the models not giving good results at realistic times), I would be surprised if the real world numbers for methane are even a twelvemonth.

  4. Ill wind blowing says:

    Steve and company, you need your own alternative universe to be gods over.

    You are attempting to minimize Methane’s importance with meaningless figures calculated to impress the layman’s mind as well as pseudo scientific gibber on a subject you know nothing about. Bottom line, you guys always think you know better than any scientist who has something to say that happens to discomfit you.

    Never mind the Climatologists who, in your psychotic minds, are part of some demonic plot to destroy Grandmotherhood and T-bone steaks. You’ll have to throw in Physicists, Solar Physicists, Geologists, etc into your Illuminati style conspiracies. Yes Mr Dunning; anything you say Mrs. Kruger. Keep up your pseudo anti-authoritarianism while setting yourselves up as lords of the cosmos; reinventing the laws of nature.

    Bottom line, the Siberian Permafrost melt has enough potential to release a huge amount of Methane in a period as short as a few decades. That would cause trouble regardless of its short lifespan in the atmosphere. Furthermore, Methane is not going to have minute greenhouse abilities because the Kock Sisters and Hex Onmobil wish it.

    • RRTM is the radiative transfer model used by NCAR. It shows that a 1000X increase in methane increases downwelling radiation by about 1% in the tropics.

      That is called science. You rely on hearsay of hearsay.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      The Russians have pretty much blown that “permafrost methane” idea out of consideration already because, it turns out that the methane would be oxidized over the pressure drop into the atmosphere.

      To be fair, I’m not confident in RRTM because it (coupled with the GCM) predicts rainfall patterns in the tropics that aren’t there (evidently overestimating radiation forcing in the tropics already)

  5. Gator says:

    Of course we all remember what a disaster the methane meltdown was during the MWP.

  6. Ulrich Elkmann says:

    So, cows are not alchemical retorts magically producing new substances out of lesser, baser ones… But they are: they ingest indigestible (to us) grass and turn it into beef. But then, they perform this on a repeatedly testable basis, you don’t have to refine your soul to attempt it, it can be explained without to recourse to esoteric principles evoked by authorities: so this is magic (i.e. base superstition), not science.

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