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Science Magazine : US Faces Horrific Drought!

Lake Powell Doomed! the average annual flow has fluctuated much more in past centuries than it did during the last century, suggesting that the droughts also were more extreme How could they have had severe droughts before man interfered with … Continue reading

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Australia Faces Permanent Drought

Dr. Risbey is a very nice guy and sat at my table in Lisbon. Australia Faces Permanent Drought 09.23.03 Australia may be facing a permanent drought because of an accelerating vortex of winds whipping around the Antarctic that threatens to … Continue reading

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This Is Just What The Climate Models Forecast

http://lakepowell.water-data.com/ Shock news : climate is cyclical!

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Arctic Summer Temperatures vs. 1960

Blue is 1960 north of 80N. Red is 2011 north of 80N. Black is the mean. Skate (SSN-578), surfaced at the North Pole, 17 March 1959 http://www.navsource.org/archives/08/08578.htm

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War Is Peace, Ignorance Is Strength, Freedom Is Slavery


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Sir David King Proposes To Equalize The UK Economy With North Korea

The world should abandon the Kyoto protocol on climate change and move instead to a system where each nation would have a carbon emissions quota based on population, the UK’s former chief scientist has urged, in an explosive contribution to … Continue reading

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A First Hand Account Of Climate Corruption

“Every natural disaster that occurs is now linked to global warming.”  

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“We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.”


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“orchestrated denial machine”

I understand now. Skeptics object to the science, not the fraud. IPCC 1990 Figure 7c MILLBROOK — Michael Mann has felt the heat for being part of the international scientific consensus behind man-made climate change. For a decade, the soft-spoken 45-year-old … Continue reading

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Another Pet Peeve

People with bicycle racks on their car. They have their green bumper stickers and their Obama bumper sticker on their Subaru, and they drive 40 miles up into the mountains to tear up the trails and feel good about being … Continue reading

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