Need Help Again

Can someone count the number of melt days (over 0C)  in the interior of the Greenland ice sheet this summer? Thanks in advance – I’m too busy to do it myself.



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13 Responses to Need Help Again

  1. glacierman says:

    It doesn’t matter what the surface temperature is. All that ice is trapping heat deep inside the glaciers. And all climate scientists know that coldheat is way more dangerous than normal heat. That is why Greenland is melting…… as demonstrated/predicted by climate models. As long as we can keep the satellites tuned to the climate model outputs, everything will be just right……as predicted/demonstrated by climate models./sarc.

  2. John Silver says:

    Yes, I can count them.

  3. arctic io says:

    Is someone else willing to help and count the endless number of melting ponds in Greenland?

  4. Paul H says:

    There is an interesting photo taken in July 1970 in Greenland. Can’t see many melt holes there.

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