Signs And Visions Everwhere

The signs of global warming are everywhere. A hot day in July. A rainstorm. A butterfly or mosquito. A heavy snow or no snow at all. An earthquake or a volcanic eruption. Snow in Florida or Saudi Arabia. A polar bear swimming. A penguin chick dancing in a 3D animated movie.  A drought or heat in Texas – has that ever happened before? A wave on the beach.

You name it, the signs of human caused global warming are unmistakeable.


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1 Response to Signs And Visions Everwhere

  1. P.J. says:

    Interesting article at Powerline blog:

    Best section from it is, “The SPM focuses only on the past fifty years – not carefully defined. Thus, it ignores a vast body of scientific evidence that prior warm periods equal to or greater than the current period existed and that the historical warm periods are unrelated to atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). The main body of the AR4 explains these omissions by claiming the past warm periods were not global. Yet, according to the most comprehensive, reliable data available, satellite data, the current warm period is not global. It is concentrated in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere, above 35 deg N.”

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