Philadelphia July Temperatures : Two Degrees Cooler Than 1793 And 1838

Philadelphia has averaged 79F so far this month.

The years 1793 1838 1791 1798 1822 1825 1828 and 1830 all had hotter July’s than 2011 so far. 1793 and 1838 both averaged 81F.

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4 Responses to Philadelphia July Temperatures : Two Degrees Cooler Than 1793 And 1838

  1. JFB says:

    “…On the basis of weighted averages for the several sections, the yenr 1940 was normal as to mean temperature; the value for the year was 53.6′, as compared with a mean of 53.7′ for the period 1891 to 1940, inclusive, and the extremes of 55.6′ in 1921 and 51.8′ in 1917. The largest positive departures from section normal mean annual temper atures (Table 1) were +2.8′ in Nevada, $2.4′ in ´Washington and Idaho, and $2.2′ in Utah; while the extremes on the negative side were -2.2′ in Mississippi, -2.1′ in Arkansas and -2.0′ in Louisiana.

    Good source:

    Click to access mwr-069-02-0049.pdf

  2. Not that it matters, but that may fall, as we’re due for 100°+ on Friday & Saturday. Still nothing spectacular, since once all that accumulated invisible heat leaps out (+0.6°C/decade, means that there’s at least 15.1°C of additional heat lurking somewhere in Philadelphia) we’ll be living it up at 105°F. And that’s going to be the average(!) for July. My unscientific experience is a diurnal variation of around 35°F, so it’ll be topping out at around 117°F on the average day. & all because I once drove a pickup truck with a 305ci V-8. I am so sorry. 😦

  3. Ill wind blowing says:

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