First Hand Account Of The 1930s

Reader Mkjon writes :

Since I am 94 years old, I remember the 1930’s real unwell. In  addition to the heat we were living through the longest drought of the century, as well as being in the Great Depression. I lived in Minnesota near a 7 mile long lake which lost so much water that at the bathing beach we had to walk about 600 feet to reach the water.

That was before the days of Air Conditioning and we did not even have an electric fan. Just driving on flat ground, the water in the radiator in our car got to boiling. Whenever we stopped at a filing station to get gas the attendant would automatically add water to our radiator.


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2 Responses to First Hand Account Of The 1930s

  1. Andy WeissDC says:

    But wasn’t the 115 degree heat nice dry heat? Apparently not. The heat index must have been 140, but they were too stupid back then to measure it.

  2. Blade says:

    [I saw this on the original thread, awesome. Repeating my comment from there …]

    Wow, 94! Congratulations on your most excellent gene pool.

    Thanks for the personal description from those desperate years. Please continue because such first hand information is needed to offset the dumbing down approach favored by model wielding scientists and alarmists in the media. There are lots of 1930’s articles around this site to comment on.

    How is President Dumbo shaping up as a successor to FDR in your opinion? I’m not old enough but my mother told me that before the end of his 2nd term, people were really tiring of him, and the 3rd and 4th elections never would have been won without the war in Europe.

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