Weird Goings On At CSU

The room where Fred Singer spoke at at CSU was not set up so that Fred could present any data. Sounds very suspicious to me.

Fred Singer, President of the Science and Environmental Policy Project and Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at the University of Virginia, spoke at CSU (Colorado State University) in Ft. Collins on July 18th.  Unfortunately the room was not set up to allow Fred to present his visual aids, so Fred made his presentation without his many interesting charts.

And now today :

Climate change skeptics challenged

Though climate change skeptics Fred Singer and CSU emeritus professor William Gray dismiss their views as “bunk” and “hokum,” many atmospheric scientists at CSU agree that climate change is caused by humans, at least in part.

CSU atmospheric science professor Scott Denning said there is nearly unanimous agreement among scientists in his department that human-emitted carbon dioxide will warm the planet.

Singer, an emeritus professor at the University of Virginia who is known for his doubts about a connection between secondhand smoke and lung cancer, and Gray, who is famous for his research on hurricanes but has lately gained attention for his climate change contrarianism, spent nearly two hours at CSU on Monday evening attempting to convince an audience that climate change is harmless and helpful to humans. Worrying about climate change, Singer said, is a “psychosis.”

Gray downplayed peer review as necessary for scientific research and claimed that intellectuals and the “mainstream media” have been “brainwashed” into believing that climate change is human-caused and harmful.

But John Calderazzo, a CSU English professor who is the co-director of the Changing Climates lecture series at CSU, said understanding climate change is difficult for many people, but they need to approach the issue with the willingness to pay close attention to the details with an open mind.


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8 Responses to Weird Goings On At CSU

  1. Since John Calderazzo is an ENGLISH PROFESSOR, he should be able to read the many fine arguements against the Imposed Ignorance of AGW that are written in ‘English’. If one does have an open mind it is obvoius that ‘carbon commodity traders’ created ‘credit default swap science’ in order to force a world wide tax. Carbon Dioxide caused climate change is the biggest fraud since the world was flat. “An epiphany is a one-time, one-way event”….from “Hoodwinked by Hoodlums” posted at Canada Free Press. CSU is full of innocent young minds that are just one epiphany away from reality.

  2. suyts says:

    Yeh, odd that CSU wouldn’t facilitate presentation of information. What a projector connected to a laptop was too difficult to find to allow for a ppt show? At CSU? More BS. Well, that’s more of the typical fun and games the alarmists play. They won’t engage intellectually, just appeals to authority, hand waving, and parlor tricks. Very nice.

  3. Scott says:

    CSU atmospheric science professor Scott Denning said there is nearly unanimous agreement among scientists in his department that human-emitted carbon dioxide will warm the planet

    Yeah, I agree with that too. But radiative transfer theory does not a CAGW make.


  4. Russell C says:

    Notice the swipe in the Coloradoan article’s third paragraph about 2nd hand smoke – that comes from any variety of regurgitations of wikipedia or other places that ultimately sources from DeSmogBlog here , but the hilarious thing is that Jim Hoggan never read his own evidence that he links to (now behind a sign-up wall, but I have the link here )….. Dr Singer’s draft paper says in plain English, “The health risk from smoking is not the focus of this paper… When its review discovered that existing U.S. studies of lung cancer and ETS did not support its position, the EPA arbitrarily reduced the traditional standard of proof; or “confidence interval ” Only by this manipulation could the EPA claim that its analysis was statistically significant”

    I exchanged several emails with the Coloradoan reporter, Bobby Magill, on Tuesday about his prior article on the Singer/Gray lecture, he did acknowledge that “Technical difficulties apparently prevented him from giving a Powerpoint presentation”, but wouldn’t offer a correction on his 7/19 article statement about Singer/Gray “presenting almost no data”, saying that when Dr Singer held up a copy of his NIPCC Summary, it didn’t count as ‘data presentation’

    Ironic that the reporter chooses to split hairs about presenting data, yet makes a statement about Singer’s second hand smoke opinion with literally not an iota of proof to back it up.

    • Bruce says:

      I learned some time ago when this happened to me. You buy a small overhead projector – not much bigger than a phone – and take it and laptop with you. When they say sorry we don’t have a projector you just set up and project to the nearest wall.

      It works, is underhanded and is very very satisfying…

  5. gator69 says:

    Pitiful. The tiny country church where we had my father’s funeral (congregation of about 50) had overhead projectors available for us. The alarmists know they are finished and are trying their best to delay the AGW memorial service, in order to give them just a little more time to plunder.

    • Scott says:

      I’m doubting it had much to do with alarmists and more had to do with poor planning at the university. I speak from experience. 😉


  6. Baa Humbug says:

    We should be surprised at this?
    The real hockey stick graph would be one depicting funding levels to science, specifically climate related science, since the 90’s.

    Pronouncements made by scientific institutions come from pen pushing administrators. Just like a General who works from Washington is no longer a real soldier, but is a hybrid politician/administrator.

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