Think Progress Blames The Dust Bowl On Inhofe

As Oklahomans Die, Inhofe Mocks Killer Heat Wave

By Brad Johnson on Jul 22, 2011 at 3:20 pm

The heat wave now battering much of the nation is centered on Oklahoma, where record heat and drought have crippled the state for the entire summer. With August on the way, there is no end in sight. The prolonged heat — Oklahoma City has been above 100°F for 30 days this summer — has probably killed over a dozen Oklahoma residents:

The oil-rich state is also the epicenter of global warming denial, led by its senior U.S. Senator, Jim Inhofe (R-OK). The oil-funded senator has a long history of finding humor in the misery caused by extreme weather disturbed by greenhouse pollution, including the record snowstorms of this winter. This deadly heat wave is no exception.

The closest USHCN station to Oklahoma City is at Meeker. This July, the average high temperature has been 102.

In July, 1936, the USHCN average high temperature in Meeker was 104. August, 1936 averaged 106. CO2 was 310 ppm at the time. Hundreds of people died.

July 1913 – 103 degrees. July 1934 – 104 degrees. July 1954 – 103 degrees. July 1980 – 103 degrees. Five years had higher temperatures and all were below 350 ppm.

Team AGW are classic witch burners. They imagine a problem, make up facts, and then find someone to blame it on.

She turned me into a newt.

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7 Responses to Think Progress Blames The Dust Bowl On Inhofe

  1. Joe D'Aleo says:

    Hi Steve

    See no trend in OK summer temperatures according to NCDC

    Same for Texas

  2. DirkH says:

    “She turned me into a newt.”

  3. gofer says:

    ..has PROBABLY killed.” ???????? Is he guessing?

  4. Blade says:

    It is amazing that one, I said ONE senator out of 100 is a prominent anti-AGW voice in that hellhole.

    That ONE voice is ONE too many for the AGW nitwits. They would do almost anything to shut him up and have total domination.

  5. oeman50 says:

    Terrific. I suppose by implication Inhofe ‘killed” those people in Oklahoma due to the “fact” that the temperature might be 1 or 2 degrees hotter (not that I buy that). Never mind that many more would have died without the air conditioning that the CO2 emitting power stations produce electricity for.

  6. Gator says:

    How many will die as a result of ignoring real science and real human plights while pushing for agendas? Can we start that tally? Please?

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