Clueless At A Famous Cambridge, Massachussets University

Got this post earlier today from Adam :

Yes, there are all kinds of records, record highs and record lows. There were a number of record lows this past winter.

But the number of record highs has been outnumbering record lows in the past 20-30 years, and particularly this year. See for example:
which shows both long-term and short-term trends. So yes, we are still seeing record lows, but a lot more record highs, and an increasing ratio of highs to lows with each decade.

That is exactly the behaviour we would expect from Urban Heat Islands. Phoenix, Arizona is often 15 degrees hotter at night than the surrounding desert. Denver can be 20 degrees warmer during the winter than surrounding areas at the same elevation.

Furthermore, measuring the heat of the planet by measuring air temperature is like measuring your body temperature at your big toe: it’s correlated, but very weakly. The oceans have roughly the same thickness and 500 times the density of the atmosphere at sea level, and average sea level is a terrific measure of average ocean temperature. After 8000 years of stagnation, sea level has risen first slowly then more rapidly over the past 130 years, and the more accurately we measure its average level, the smoother and more monotonic the rise.

Better to look at the correct graph before making ridiculous comments. Sea level has risen 15 metres during the last 8,000 years. Over the last eight years it has hardly risen at all.

The planet is warming. We are causing it. Get over it.

The planet’s temperature changes as much as 12C on a regular basis. How can any educated person claim that a 0.65C rise is due to man? That amount is less than measurement error in the paleo data.


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6 Responses to Clueless At A Famous Cambridge, Massachussets University

  1. Justa Joe says:

    OT: Remember when B. Hussein touted China’s high speed rail system. It hasn’t been working out so well, and not only because of this.

  2. Gator says:

    Since we are OT, I just heard a news blurb stating the Norway scumbag was an active social media type. The report said that this behaviour was predicted in a 2007 study which found that the internet would allow ‘like minded’ people to congregate and become more extreme.

    Here comes Big Brother again…

  3. Andy WeissDC says:

    An interesting illustration of the urban heat island effect is that DC only had three
    80 minimum temperatures between 1872 and 1930, but six the last 2 years. The last 2 nights have been 84, tied for highest min on record.

  4. Neal A. Brown says:

    Sea water is about 850 times as dense as atmospheric air at sea level.

  5. Darryl B says:

    This is not related, but Steven
    Could you list some of Hansen’s most outrageous predictions and when possible, the actual change? Like the 20 year 2 degree prediction. (Was that Deg C or Deg F)?
    –or just list where I might find them. I am writing a book and I would appreciate anything that comes my way. (From anyone who might care to contribute) The AGW movement has helped me understand human nature and things like the Spanish Inquisition, Witch Trials, McCarthyism, Eugenics and much more. Human Nature has always had very undesirable elements.

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