“There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass”

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto



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24 Responses to “There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass”

  1. DERise says:

    At one time, that was true. A few years ago, about the time of Gulf war I, I wrote a essay on the Doolittle Raid with todays press… I wish I could find it.

  2. AndyW says:


    “Moreover, using data through 1996, the U.S. Department of Justice study “Crime and Justice” concluded that in England the robbery rate was 1.4 times higher, the assault rate was 2.3 times higher, and the burglary rate was 1.7 times higher than in the U.S. This suggests that lawfully armed citizens in the U.S. deter such crimes.”

    Yeah, I’d rather be gunned down than have my tv stolen and miss Oprah…..


    As for Switzerland


    “The campaign to store army weapons in secure arsenals is backed by the Swiss Medical Association (SMA), whose members argue the measure would reduce suicides and other gun-related violence.

    The association’s president, Jacques de Haller, believes the practice of keeping army weapons at home – introduced in World War II – is, nowadays, a dangerous and outdated concept.

    “We have statistics which show that young men commit suicide with the military firearm,” he argued. “What’s more, you have domestic violence with that.”

    The fact is the more guns you have the more deaths. The rate of people dieing in the USA from gun accidents in the USA is far number than the number being killed in the UK for all gun deaths….


    • Have you ever actually been to the US? Crime rates are much lower here than in the UK, as long as you aren’t in an inner city full of minority gangs.

      • AndyW says:

        Yes I have twice, New York and Phili, though not for long so cannot judge rates from personal experience.

        I don’t think crime rates in the UK are going up due to not having guns, more like the reduced number of police and the justice service’s punishments not being tough enough.

        Which is more affective against someone coming into your house, a steel door or a gun? The steel door is 24/7 whereas the gun is only when you are in the house, presumably more people now are alway in the house nowadays thanks to Obama upping the unemployed. See, he is doing you a service…. 😀

        • Property crime in the UK is much higher than in the US.

        • Dash says:

          You are absolutely right. Keeping someone out is much better than having to harm them. THIS is why we have good doors and security. Do you think we sit around with our guns, hoping that we get the chance to shoot somebody? Whether you think that gun ownership is related to crime or not, in the US, our violent crimes rates (via FBI database) have been cut in half since the Clinton assault weapons ban sunsetted. In the UK, violent crime rates have nearly doubled (including handgun violence) since guns were banned (according to the Home Office website). This is undeniable. If you don’t believe that there is a correlation, then you don’t have no argument for gun control, either. Moreover, the argument that suicide happens because guns are around is idiotic. Suicide is the result of mental illness, and is every bit as easily achieved with a rope. You also clearly know next to nothing about our firearms accident rates. They are dwarfed by comparison with vehicle accident deaths, lung cancer due to cigarettes, and any of a number of other causes of death. If your honest goal is to save lives, then firearms should not be your focus.

          Look up the town, Kennesaw, Georgia. They made it a law that every head of household had to maintain firearm ownership in 1982. They have had 3 homicides since. THREE, and a town of 13,000. Their crime rates dropped precipitously without a shot fired. It isn’t the wild west. People aren’t shooting each other in the streets.

        • Dash says:

          The “don’t have no arguement” was a typo. It was supposed to be “dont have AN argument.” Just so you don’t go the ridiculous route of discrediting my rational thought because ONE word was out of place.

      • Me says:

        I think Andy is saying that since he isn’t responsible enough to own a gun that no one should be able to own one.

    • Blade says:

      Hey AndyW …

      If you ejected from a plane and could steer your chute towards any place you wanted, which would you aim for …

      [1] Some inner city, L.A., Chicago, NYC, Philly, DC, etc

      [2] God’s country full of uncivilized gun loving ‘rednecks’

      If you’ve got to stop and think about it, you haven’t been around.

      You can rephrase the question many ways.

      If your car breaks down, where would hope that it would happen …

      and so on.

      Your hangup on quantity of guns misses the point in so many ways. Where there are *legal* gun owners (not crips, bloods, drug runners, children) you are safe. Just as safe as you feel when there is an armed cop sitting near you on the train.

      Where there are criminals (that are armed or unarmed) there is crime, by definition! Your statistical analysis is on data which lumps everything together like AGW cult science.

      Over a million times a year crimes *are* deterred by weapons. This dwarfs all other shootings, accidental or otherwise. Once you remove the bogus data of teenage gang bangers and JUSTIFIABLE shootings, there is a small amount of sad, and unfortunate accidental deaths and murders.

      Could these few be removed from the statistics by disarming people? Maybe. But then you have to back up to the previously deterred MILLION crimes, and bump up the numbers yet again. This time they would be much higher.

      But forget it anyway. Perfection is not possible, not with human beings.

      • I’d go for the inner city, for sure. Not because I trust one population over the other, but because I don’t want to land in an empty field where I might not find food or water for some time.

    • Jack Johnson says:

      Andy people who intend to kill themselves “don’t need a gun to do it”….they will find a way….probably the Roman way….slit their wrists in a tub. Australian statistics show a 20% fall in deaths by guns from 354 to 282 (from 1996-2007)….of that Andy only 11% are committed with guns for the 2007 period studied….Thanks Andy we all would rather be murdered with a KNIFE, ROPE or BLUNT INSTRUMENT (are you going write Laws for those now?)…..Mental Health is the issue….Andy People who Murder are the issue NOT GUNS….People who commit murder are mentally ILL at least I hope you think so. The Liberal knee jerk to diffuse the “root of the issue” from “Mental Illness” to guns is transparent. So the trade off of 20% reduction in Gun Related Homicide for an 11 YEAR period is 72 less deaths in total….251 of the 282 homicides are using different means. Suicides fell significantly so that should appease you…..but again…..the trade off for the 20% reduction for everyone else in life who are going to be victims of Murder….well Andy is going to “disarm us” for a significant reduction in suicide by guns and a 20% reduction for 11 years? What Andy will NOT look at is the “prevention of homicides” by those who were armed properly with a weapon and the assailant was killed and the Victim Survived.
      Thanks Andy—-we all want to be helpless victims of crime because you hate guns……I don’t think so.

  3. AndyW says:

    Like I said, if you are catching burglars then not locking them up it is not an incentive for them to stop. That would be far more effective than people having guns, one of the reasons is that being locked up they don’t even have the luxury of having to worry about being faced by a home owner with a blunderbuss behind the door.

  4. Me says:

    I’d rather have the blunderbuss, thank you.

  5. Dave G says:

    I’ve always loved his quote “I’m afraid we’ve awakened the sleeping giant” which means “Pay back M&&&&R F&&&&R

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