Triple Entendre Below

Prize goes to the first person to spot it.


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15 Responses to Triple Entendre Below

  1. The Hague, William Hague, Haig

  2. Red Jeff says:

    Damn Maurizio… I had another hag in mind

    Wonder if I can get special mention!

  3. ok more details now…Haig wrongly declared himself the acting President when Reagan was shot. The Hague Tribunal is wrongly pretending it can lead its political supporters by their noses. And William Hague wrongly assumed in 1997 that winning the UK Tory leadership election would mean the Tories were going to supinely accept him as their leader.

    • gator69 says:

      Actually Gen Haig never declared himself president. He went on TV to assure the American public that their goverment was still functioning. I know because I spoke with him and knew the man before this event occurred. My father worked closely with him when he was NATO Supreme Commander and he was an occassional guest in our home. Gen Haig was a man of honor who was hated and feared by the leftist media.

    • Blade says:

      That whole thing was about Tip O’Neill getting his panties in a bunch (ewww, what a thought!).

      A lot of people forget that the SoS is right up there in order of succession (after VP, Speaker, Senate PT).

      Yes they were scared of Haig, but just look who is in that slot now … Madame Hillary!

  4. Jimash says:

    Maurizio is good.
    I never had a chance.

  5. Dave N says:

    I guess I’m either missing the significance of the arrows, or my browser isn’t playing ball

  6. omnologos says:

    I shall now invoke my fellow commenters’ input now since there’s no sign from Steve about the details of the prize as yet. Please vote on the below:

    (a) 10,000$ cash
    (b) 1,000$ ETS credits
    (c) 100$ dinner with Tamino, John Cook and Martha
    (d) 10$ coffee with Gavin
    (e) My face pasted for a week in the top banner in place of Toto’s
    (f) Other (please specify)

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