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Government Hopes To Control The Climate – Like They Control Spending

Government has proven their ability to control things very tightly, like their own spending. Now they hope to do the same thing for the climate. In conclusion, if climate change is not controlled through timely central government means then health … Continue reading

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Storm Naming Season In Full Swing

Storm namers have been naming storms at a rate 200% percent of normal this season! They are looking forward to naming another storm later today, which coincidentally will have the same name as my rock. http://www.weatherstreet.com/hurricane/2011/Hurricane-Atlantic-2011.htm

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Shock News : A Skinny Bear Came Off The Ice

The polar bears have come off the ice and some have migrated into the area. One bear has been shot for chasing a tourist who was out alone on the beach photographing. Bonnie’s brother Jack, a manitoba Conservation officer, was not happy … Continue reading

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Polar Bears In A Desperate Struggle To Find Ice

These ice floes are only 5-15 miles wide and 2-4 metres thick. Can they support a full grown Polar Bear? http://www.arctic.io/observations/8/2011-07-26/6-N75.319695-W135.468616 Hudson Bay has been ice free for about a week. The entire Hudson Bay bear population will certainly go … Continue reading

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Southwest To Receive Less Than Seven Inches Of Rain This Week

Dangerous drought conditions have set in. If that little rain was received every week, the total precipitation for the year would be less than 400 inches. http://wxmaps.org/pix/prec1.html

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The Princess And The Pea

Climate models show that Julia’s tax could lower temperatures by as much as 0.0001 degrees. The princess wants that pea under her mattress removed at any expense. (And Obama wants us to eat it.) 9:05AM BST 18 Jul 2011 Miss … Continue reading

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Alarmist Scientists Accidentally Spill The Beans

Despite a global decrease in the production of certain toxic chemicals, we may be in for an onslaught. That’s because rising global temperatures are causing the release of persistent organic pollutants, such as DDT and PCBs, which have been locked … Continue reading

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NRDC : Global Warming To Cause Too Much Rainfall And Trigger Water Shortages

American cities will face severe problems in coming decades as the world’s warming climate hits the coasts with rising sea levels, causes huge floods and storms in the Midwest, and triggers water shortages in the Southwest, according to a national … Continue reading

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Is BS From Climate Scientists Keeping A Lid On The Global Economy?

Are China’s factories keeping a lid on global temperatures? Carbon News and Info > Climate & emissions news > Global warming science Wednesday, 27 July 2011 The results of a new climate study released this month may hold significant implications … Continue reading

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Visualizing the Devastation Of CO2

This planet has an atmosphere made of 95% CO2. Temperatures there vary between -113C and 0C. This planet has an atmosphere made up of 0% CO2. Temperatures there vary between -280° F and 800° F.

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