1926 – Key West Blamed For Cold In France


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8 Responses to 1926 – Key West Blamed For Cold In France

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    New Study of NASA Data May Debunk Global Warming Predictions


  2. Sundance says:

    The term “rush to judgement” comes to mind as more evidence that the model assumptions are overcooked,come to light. The HADSST corrections on data from 1940 to 2006 illustrates vividly that what we have been told was rock solid SST data was actually data with a warming bias due to poor collection techniques that made older data look alot cooler than recent data, and thus give the impression that SST warming after the 1940s was a much more rapid and larger increase than the corrected data shows. One wonders if Hadley would have even made the corrections if the climategate event hadn’t put pressure on them?

  3. Latitude says:

    Give me a break……
    The overseas highway is no where near the Gulf Stream………………..

    • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

      But it was Shirley the overseas highway that caused the earthquake in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Those people in the Florida Keys are trouble makers. 😉 Right Lat!

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