2007 vs 2011

People are asking the right questions. The blink comparator above flashes between ice loss during the past week, and how much needs to disappear during the next four weeks to match 2007. As you can see, the weather would have to make a very dramatic change for that to happen.

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10 Responses to 2007 vs 2011

  1. Latitude says:

    We need ice breakers……………..stat

  2. PJB says:

    Just how many Manhattans would that be?

    Do you need ice to make a Manhattan?

    Wasn’t Manhattan supposed to be underwater already?

  3. AndyW says:

    Why not simply compare 2011 with the same day in 2007?


  4. AndyW says:

    It will be far quicker for you to do that than for me to trawl through 7000 posts of you putting up google archive news that nobody gives a shit about.

    So go on, be a good chap


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