Glacial Devastation In Alaska

19th century tourists watching a devastated Alaskan glacier collapse.

Between 1794 and 1879, the glacier at Glacier Bay, Alaska retreated eight feet per day. This was probably due to something which Sarah Palin’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather did.

We now know that reducing CO2 levels to 350 ppm will cause glaciers to stop melting.

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1 Response to Glacial Devastation In Alaska

  1. Ivan says:

    The eight feet per day had nearly doubled to a mile a year by 1912:
    “An investigation by the Alaska Boundary surveyors has disclosed the fact that the Great Glacier, which is situated on Glacier Bay, is receding at the rate of a mile a year, according to measurements taken on the open water”
    ~14 Sept 1912

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