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House Votes To Get A New Credit Card To Pay The Interest On The Old Credit Card

They got the old credit card to pay the interest on the previous credit card. These lunatics expect the rest of the world to take us seriously?

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Illinois Ice Skating Doomed!

July 31, 2011 Global warming presents a potentially dire future for Winnetka, warns a Park District report. “This would obviously mean the end of outdoor (ice) skating in Winnetka,” the report says. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/ What is obvious is that there is … Continue reading


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Guardian : NSIDC Forecasts A Record Low

This June, less sea ice covered the Arctic than in any year, save one, since records began being kept in 1979. And because of heavy melting in July, the National Snow and Ice Center in Boulder, Colorado, reports that 2011 … Continue reading

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Finally – A Proof For Global Warming

ThisOldMan: August 1, 2011 at 10:25 am I am in the Alarmed camp, for the very good reason that I am a scientist (albeit not an atmospheric scientist) and hence I understand how that community works. http://news.thomasnet.com Global warming is … Continue reading

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IPCC : Himalayan Polar Bears Gone By 2035

Currently there are three four Polar Bears in the Himalayas and they will all be gone by 2350 2035. Sorry, these tricky numbers confuse me. The Arctic will be ice free by 2000 2008 2011 2013 2016 2020 or 2030. And … Continue reading

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Russia May Make A Huge Methane Release From Its Bottom Regions

Russia’s vast permafrost may shrink by a third by the middle of the century due to global warming, the government’s disaster monitoring department said Friday. The report also described the risk of a massive gas release. Permafrost traps methane and … Continue reading

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Arctic Made Of Irreversible Swiss Cheese

Barber and his colleagues explain in a recent paper in Geophysical Review Letters, the analysis of what the satellites were seeing was wrong. Some of what satellites identified as thick, melt-resistant multiyear ice turned out to be, in Barber’s words, … Continue reading

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“Arctic sea ice headed for another record melt: NSIDC scientists”

Top scientist says the Arctic is doomed! Last month saw the second lowest Arctic ice cover since 1979, continuing the downward trend of summer ice cover, says the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado. Ice extent shrank in … Continue reading

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GISS : Cooling The Distant Past, And Warming The Recent Past In West Texas

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GISS : Cooling The Past In Texas

GISS raw data shows Brenham, Texas cooling about a degree over the last hundred years. Through the magic of adjustment, GISS has been able to cool the past by two degrees, and turn a strong cooling trend into a strong … Continue reading

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