House Votes To Get A New Credit Card To Pay The Interest On The Old Credit Card

They got the old credit card to pay the interest on the previous credit card.

These lunatics expect the rest of the world to take us seriously?

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5 Responses to House Votes To Get A New Credit Card To Pay The Interest On The Old Credit Card

  1. gator69 says:

    It now appears Moody’s was not going to downgrade us after all…

    “Moody’s Investors Service, S&P’s main rival in the rating business, has already indicated its top-notch ranking of the world’s biggest economy is safe for now. Moody’s said on Friday that its “review for downgrade will more likely than not conclude with a confirmation of the AAA rating, albeit with a shift to a negative outlook”.

    It is sickening that these guys play politics with their ratings, this behaviour would never be tolerated by the three major consumer reporting agenices. What works in your home applies to governments as well. Anyone with sense knows this, and for these bullies to ‘play on our fears’ is beneath disgusting.

  2. DEEBEE says:

    Same guys who brought use CDOs AAA ratings, created by dumb shits with excel spreadsheets. So no I am not surpris

  3. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    November 2012 will be a very interesting election indeed.

  4. suyts says:

    Stupid bastards drunk with spending. I knew they wouldn’t limit themselves. Dems and Repubs alike can’t imagine functioning without the state sanctioned payola. This nation brings in enough money to pay for the mandates and then some. The additional spending, discretionary, is what our congressmen and women use to stay in office. Need a boost back home? Bring home the bacon! Have a powerful ally expecting an unstated quid pro quo….. make sure his company is awarded the contract to do whatever. Another congressman wants your vote….. have them insert a rider into the bill for more bacon.

    This is how our congress works. They will not correct themselves. Many don’t even understand how egregious their actions are. This is sucking the life-blood out of the American way of life. Disgust is too weak of a word.

  5. The US economy holds the entire world hostage. When it crumbles it will take the entire world with it. We live in interesting times.

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