Illinois Ice Skating Doomed!

July 31, 2011
Global warming presents a potentially dire future for Winnetka, warns a Park District report.

“This would obviously mean the end of outdoor (ice) skating in Winnetka,” the report says.

What is obvious is that there is no long term trend in Illinois winter temperatures, and that over the past decade winter temperatures have plummeted. The last two winters where the 18th and 20th coldest on record.

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4 Responses to Illinois Ice Skating Doomed!

  1. huishi says:

    Will they be offering surfing now that there is not ice skating?

  2. Blade says:

    That top graph (Winter Dec-Feb) pretty much matches my experience. 2005-2006 was the end of the mild winters.

    We have six consecutive increasingly fierce winters.

    This begs the question … Even if we had another micro-ice-age like the 60’s-70’s, would the alarmists even notice it?

    The answer is no! Their belief in AGW is so strong that mother nature herself cannot change their minds.

    We are looking at a cult for sure. These are sick, twisted, mentally ill people.

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