NOAA Forecast : Active Hurricane Season

Lots of rocks expected to be named this summer


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14 Responses to NOAA Forecast : Active Hurricane Season

  1. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    They change the rules for naming storms and the numbers increase! Who could have guessed relaxed criteria would lead to more being named?

  2. PearlandAggie says:

    The only known example of a true perpetual motion machine! LOL

  3. 12-18 named storms
    6-10 hurricanes
    is a minimum ratio of 3:1 (maximum 6:5, or close enough to unity to not bother). We are currently running 5:0. Obviously, if the distribution of hurricanes is random, it should be expected to have runs of 8 or 9 named storms without a hurricane. Of course, I’m not sure that it really is random, so I’m not going to be holding my breath.

  4. AndyW says:

    Still got August and September to go yet Steve, we have not reached the peak yet.

    Hurricane Wilma did not form till mid October.


  5. PJB says:

    hurricane predictions, tropical cyclone analysis, preparedness and mitigation = meteorology

    wild-ass guesses, model mania, doom and gloom, taxation for the nation = climatology

    …. and never the twain shall meet.

  6. Andy WeissDC says:

    The Natioanl Hurricane Center has now named 5 weak circulation centers that they purportedly have discovered with their microscopic analysis. In the 1960’s we would have no named storms at this point.

  7. Andy WeissDC says:

    I mean “National Hurricane Center”. Sorry about my typos.

  8. PJB says:

    Even if, as some of the models so indicate, Emily dashes herself on the rocky shores and hills of Haiti and goes no further, she will be a real and difficult event for the people of that land.

    If NASA GISS et al were as reliable and forthright as the NOAA NHC, climatology would be easier to take and make use of.

  9. Lance says:

    we had a gentle breeze here today in southern alberta…i think i’ll name a rock….just image the rock naming we can do in winter time with all the chinooks!!!

  10. PhilJourdan says:

    Emily was a real doozy! It was supposed to brush Myrtle beach just in time for my vacation. Fortunately we got a few waves, and some cooler water (I assume came from the remnants), but that was it. Hope the rest of the season goes as well.

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