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Shock News : Los Alamos Is Still There

A few weeks ago the MSM warned of imminent fiery nuclear Armageddon in Los Alamos. Friends there tell me that it has been raining every day recently. http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S1213237.shtml

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Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over

http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/EnergyBalance/page3.php Mr. Sun will be heading south for the winter soon. He hates cold weather.

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Huhne Shooting For 70% Inflation And High Unemployment In The UK

Green targets ‘could force companies to leave Britain’ By TOM MCGHIE Last updated at 10:38 PM on 23rd July 2011 Industry faces energy price increases of up to 70 per cent as a result of new ‘green taxes’ imposed by … Continue reading

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Drought From Dessler To Hayhoe

It is raining heavily today in the Texas panhandle, north of Lubbock. The drought seems to be geographically delimited by Texas Tech, the University of Texas, and Texas A&M.

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The Audacity Of Constant Fearmongering

Obama got elected by saying that the world would collapse unless we gave a $trillion to his banker friends. A few months later he said the world would collapse unless we gave another trillion to his union friends. A few … Continue reading

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Spare Change You Can Believe In

In 2006, unemployment was 4% and America voted for change. In 2008, unemployment was 7% and America voted for hope and change.

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Natural Selection

Bear A swims 500 miles after a seal, suffers a heart attack and dies when a rent seeking researcher flies a helicopter 20 feet overhead. Bear B stays on the land and forages for berries. He eats a researcher who … Continue reading

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