Huhne Shooting For 70% Inflation And High Unemployment In The UK

Green targets ‘could force companies to leave Britain’
Last updated at 10:38 PM on 23rd July 2011

Industry faces energy price increases of up to 70 per cent as a result of new ‘green taxes’ imposed by the Government.

Studies by the Energy Intensive Users Group, which represents industries such as chemicals and steel, show that the extra costs are so high that many companies may be tempted to move to countries that do not have such extreme environmental laws.

The group fears that a study by the Department of Energy into the impact of climate-change laws on energy prices for industry will attempt to downplay the impact of the new taxes.

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3 Responses to Huhne Shooting For 70% Inflation And High Unemployment In The UK

  1. Perry says:

    I should have included this link, rather than the duplicate link in previous comment. Apologies.

  2. Blade says:

    There is no such thing as a tax on industry or business. It is a tax on yourselves.

    Furthermore, I believe that most European countries *also* have a VAT. Amazing!

    All they are accomplishing is inventing inverted Tariffs!

    At the current pace of these Socialist suicide policies, I fully expect all of the elected leaders of the formerly great western world to wind up in a cage on trial just like Egypt’s Mubarak is today …

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