The Audacity Of Constant Fearmongering

Obama got elected by saying that the world would collapse unless we gave a $trillion to his banker friends.

A few months later he said the world would collapse unless we gave another trillion to his union friends.

A few months later he said the world would collapse unless we spent a trillion to rip apart the health care system.

He always told us that the world would collapse unless we stopped emitting CO2.

And he spent the last few weeks telling us the world would collapse unless we gave him another $2.4 trillion for his re-election spending campaign.

What a guy. So hopeful, so positive, so audacious.

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6 Responses to The Audacity Of Constant Fearmongering

  1. suyts says:

    Well, he does possess audacity. He’s the reason I’m not optimistic about our future. Not that I’m amazed he possess no qualities necessary for the job(intelligence, leadership, principles..etc), any rational person knew that before he won the Dim primary. My pessimism stems from the fact that rational people are in such a minority in the country and that the irrational ones wouldn’t be convinced of reason. And, they are still living among us. I can’t wait to see who they pick for us next. Will it be the Repub answer to Algore, the human tree, or will we get a repeat of the post turtle, or will there be some other anti-American sellout lurking backstage in this wonderful puppet play? I’m just giddy with anticipation…..

    At what point did the American people become so damned spineless? That maniacal sadist couldn’t scare Americans of past generations! Some dumbass would scream doom for this or that and we’d ignore them. Some real problems would occur and we’d, with a glint in our eye, set our jaw and say bring it! We wouldn’t come up with imaginary number games! We’d address the problem head on and go through it. Now we’ve got this amazing generation of testicular challenged whine bags that scream for their mother government to take care of their every whim. WTF is the matter with these people?

  2. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but I was quite alive and aware during the 1996 campaign season. There was, in many of our heads, no possible way that following on the heels of the 1994 Republican Revolution & the subsequent neutering of the Clinton presidency that the Felatee-in-Chief* was going to beat even a mildly low-functioning war veteran, senior senator from Kansas.

    *I apologize if you want two “L”s in that, but it’s not a real word, as I coined it just now, and I’m reverting to the Latin “felas” (which my rather cruddy education makes me want to think is some disgusting -im, -as hybrid verb. I’m pretty ignorant on my poorly attested Latin verb conjugations).

  3. Blade says:

    The Audacity of a Dope!

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