Bitter Cold At The Fastest Warming Place On Earth

Temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula in degrees F. Almost 20 degrees below normal.

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16 Responses to Bitter Cold At The Fastest Warming Place On Earth

  1. Sleepalot says:

    The picture shows nothing, because the information is encoded in a non-intuitive way, and no key is provided.

  2. etudiant says:

    It’s just weather.

    • Lance says:

      unless its hot…

    • Robert Austin says:

      Do you mean it’s just weather because the temperature is well below normal or it’s just weather because natural weather includes hot, cold, wet, dry, windy, and calm?

      • Independent says:

        None of those things are weather. They are all caused by global warming. We never had hot, cold, flooding, drought, more hurricanes, less hurricanes, more tornadoes, less tornadoes, La Nina, El Nino or dozens of other phenomena before man screwed Gaia by unleashing massive amounts of CO2, which may cause all of the above things or may not depending on if there is missing heat or not.

  3. Sundance says:

    It’s horrible! The water in this picture was solid ice yeasterday.

  4. Blade says:

    Isn’t that tip there outside the Antarctic Circle anyway?

    • Yes it is, but if the ice there slides into the sea, it will destabilise (anyone actually knows what this means?) the ice further along the peninsula, and so on like standing dominoes until the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet is floating AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. This will in turn (don’t laugh – I read this a few weeks ago) trigger the destabilisation of the EAST Antarctic Ice Sheet which presumably will have a similar fate. These bozos aught to look at a map – there’s a continuous range of mountains between west and east. What you might call “an inconvenient barrier”.

  5. Doug Proctor says:

    Despite this, GISTemp and HadCru show the global temperature up, almost as high as 2010. So is the Antarctic bit small, or is the Arctic/other bits so warm as to counter the cool?

    Global heating is so regional I wonder if there are political parties in CO2 molecular societies: the Democratic CO2 molecule runs around and gets itself all hot and bothered, while the Republican CO2 molecule chills out with a Jack-n-Ice.

  6. krazykiwi says:

    Its cold down here in Wellington, New Zealand. Our most recent snowfall at sea-level was 3 weeks ago. Prior to that it was 1994. We’ve just had an official warning that a polar blast – worse that July’s – it on it’s way. Brrrrrrrrrrr…..

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