2009 Flashback

 December 21, 2009

Mr. Obama campaigned as a centrist who would bring bipartisanship and responsibility to Washington. Instead, we have seen him lead a year of irresponsible spending and wildly increasing government intrusion in the lives of Americans. Mr. Obama has pushed ahead with his Big Government agenda, heedless of the wishes of the American people, and people with dissenting viewpoints have been told to shut up and rudely shut out of the process. Mr. Obama does not have a bipartisan bone in his boney body.



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6 Responses to 2009 Flashback

  1. Latitude says:

    When you’re that far left……
    ….he really believes that’s the middle

  2. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    I don’t think being left, centrist, or right matters to Obama. People have this idea that he is a thinker and that he is constantly sorting issues out in his mind. Thinking takes discipline. I do not see Barack Obama being disciplined in any area of his life. I only see him using every opportunity to take vacations and play golf.

    I think this is his sum total: He simply hates that white people have been in control in America. And he is going to try to flip America over so that inner city, urban blacks, have power. He also is indebted to unions for helping him get where he is repaying them by doing things like taking over GM, and proposing high speed rail projects that will give very long term contracts to his union bankrollers.

    I don’t see anything more in him than that.

    I also have a hunch that he truly is a Muslim and wants the Muslim Brotherhood to have control over the Middle East. Libya being controlled by Gaddafi is quite a roadblock to Muslim Brotherhood dominance in the Middle East. So, I think Obama is using the American military to help end Gaddafii’s power.

    • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

      Mubarak being the dictator of Egypt was, I say ‘was’, another roadblock to Muslim Brotherhood dominance of the Middle East.

    • He sympathises with the plight of the Union Working Class, so he does stupid things to prop them up.
      He sympathises with the plight of his African Brothers (though precisely none of his ancestors were slaves and probably most of his ancestors, black and white, owned slaves), so he does all the asinine things that he learned, in his “Comparative World History and the Philosophical Roots of Justice” class (when he bothered to attend), would rectify the wrongs committed by them ebbil whiteleys[sic].
      He sympathises with the plight of the poor a-rab musselmann, who had his ancestral lands taken from him (namely Israel, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Spain) & so he does dreadfully daft things in the name of islam.

      It’s not that he is any of the things like marxist, Unionista, Black Liberationist, or musselmann: being one of those would require things like thought and effort. But he sympathises, and so he does what he can to help, you know. I think that someone once coined a term for this, but who knows.

  3. Latitude says:

    Forbes rips his a new bung hole….
    ….If you guys haven’t read it, you need to

    A Failed Presidency — The American Problem

    No matter how many speeches he makes, the conclusion is clear: Obama’s greatest failure is spending America into enormous deficits, and being clueless about how to get the economy to


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