Measured Data Is Not Relevant To Computer Models

This article is almost completely unintelligible, just like the thought process of climate model true believers.

The CSIRO agrees with Mr Watson’s findings showing a deceleration of sea-level rises in Australasian coastal waters in the second half of the 20th century but argues they have no bearing on IPCC projections of global sea rise this century.

This is despite the IPCC projections – and subsequent CSIRO projections – assuming a dramatic acceleration in sea-level rises this century because of the impact of global warming.


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3 Responses to Measured Data Is Not Relevant To Computer Models

  1. Baa Humbug says:

    As a teenager doing what we called a “maths n science” course in high school, I was so proud of the CSIRO.
    A premiere research organization pivotal in improving farming practices and yields, real environmental improvements etc in a harsh land.
    It seems the dope smoking, koombaya singing, kombi van driving dread-locked activists whom I did the courses with have taken over the once great organization.

    It’s a great shame 😦

    • Andy WeissDC says:

      Don’t forget the free love part!

    • gator69 says:

      From CSIRO’s ‘Climate Change’ page…

      “Understanding Climate Change
      How do we know the climate is changing? By closely monitoring the Earth’s climate system and oceans, and studying the influence of greenhouse gases.”

      “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
      How can we reduce, delay or avoid climate change? Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using clean energy and storing carbon are crucial.”

      “Adapting to Climate Change
      What about unavoidable climate change? Identifying ways to adapt can help communities reduce the costs and take advantage of opportunities.”

      So we can and cannot reduce/delay/avoid climate change? That’s some pretty good pot!

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