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Shock News : Warm Weather Is Good Weather – Glacial Advance Occurs During Bad Weather


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The Triple Point Of Stupidity

At 0C, a body of fresh water will exist at equilibrium in the three phases solid-liquid-gas, with a vapor pressure of 1/100th of an atmosphere. That is exactly what we measure on Earth. Anyone who has ever had a drink … Continue reading

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Discover Magazine : Mann Vindicated!

Nothing but top-notch science! Penn State University has now completed its investigation of climate research Michael Mann with respect to “ClimateGate”–and sure enough, it’s an exoneration. My understanding is that the report, which releases at 330 pm today, can be … Continue reading

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“Back then, the climate was milder than it is today”

The remains of the farms and churches of the Norse are found throughout South Greenland. The large granite and sandstone blocks at the ruins have many good stories to tell. The oldest is about Erik the Red who was banished … Continue reading

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Greenland – Then And Now

During the MWP Figure 14: Sedges, grasses, and dwarf woodlands of birch and willow. (Source: McGovern and Perdikaris, 2000) Animal bones and other materials collected from archaeological sites reveal Icelandic Vikings had large farmsteads with dairy cattle (a source of … Continue reading

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Erik The Red Farmed Greenland During The Non-Existent MWP


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1922 : Seven Foot Tall Viking Found Frozen In The Ice

Greenland must have frozen very quickly at the end of the non-existent MWP. http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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1950 Shock News : Global warming – Glaciers Disappearing – Fish Migrating North – Spitzbergen Ice Free

Two days ago, the always reliable Guardian said this : Spitsbergen harbour used to be icebound for most of the year http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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The 1940s Ice Age


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Shock News : The MWP And LIA Were Real

Historians made the horrific mistake of consulting written records, rather than three trees in Siberia. http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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