UPI : First Time There Has Ever Been Melt In The Arctic Ocean!

WASHINGTON, Aug. 6 (UPI) — The Arctic Ocean will be partially ice-free this summer for the first time in three decades, which scientists say will have some positive impacts on the region.

Measurements show the arctic had the least sea ice coverage in July ever recorded, CNN reported Saturday.

“This is just part and parcel of the decline that we’ve seen in the overall ice extent because the Arctic is warming up,” said Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Ice in the arctic has been declining more each summer, and even the oldest ice in the arctic, which is the thickest and most resistant to melting, has begun to dwindle.

“This is man-made; there seems to be little doubt in that,” Serreze said. “It would be reversible if we were to do something about our carbon dioxide emissions, [but] I don’t see much of a fat chance in hell we’re going to see any change here. We’re going to have to adapt.”


Difficult to imagine life with the Arctic Ocean not completely full of ice twelve months a year.

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16 Responses to UPI : First Time There Has Ever Been Melt In The Arctic Ocean!

  1. Squidly says:

    Example of why I quit watching CNN years ago.

  2. Dave N says:

    “The Arctic Ocean will be partially ice-free this summer for the first time in three decades”

    Uh.. what? Their English language comprehension seems to be out the window, at least regarding what “partially ice-free” means.

  3. Blade says:

    Certainly Serreze and Stroeve quickly contacted UPI to let them know of their errors.
    Or not.

  4. Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

    Let us attempt this again.
    The date in July with the lowest number representing sea ice extent was?
    according to the graphs I saw the ice number at the end of the month was higher than the number in 2007. This makes the claim by NSIDC a lie. Of course it is all BS because they are only looking at ice conditions for 30+ years and that represents diddly squat compared to the last few thousand years. Just in the last 200 years the conditions were probably equal or less than what was experienced in July on numerous occasions. Claiming the ice is following normal patterns does not promote additional funding so we know why the lie was told.

    • NoMoreGore says:

      The way they state it only requires that some day in July fell below 2007. Meaningless. But great propaganda.

  5. Independent says:

    Let’s see

    “The Arctic Ocean will be partially ice-free this summer for the first time in three decades”
    One lie.

    “Measurements show the arctic had the least sea ice coverage in July ever recorded”
    One deception.

    “Ice in the arctic has been declining more each summer”
    Two lies.

    “This is man-made; there seems to be little doubt in that”
    Three lies.

    “It would be reversible if we were to do something about our carbon dioxide emissions”
    Four lies, and this one’s quite a whopper, even if you accept 100% global warming theory.

    Not bad, but if they were going for the most lies in five paragraphs they’re going to have to do better than that. After all, The New York Times is still around, isn’t it?

    • Blade says:

      Nice audit!

      The propaganda these days is so thick it might never melt. Almost any AGW press release and blog article these days is like this. You can audit it for lies, misinformation and bad science, it is a truly target rich environment.

      It is also a bit like the game of ‘telephone’ you might remember from early schooling (kindergarten for me) where they make a statement to the first person in a circle, and each one tells the next one, and so on. At the end of the circle the statement is compared to the original and it is always mangled.

      By the time something leaves the mouth of Mark Serreze (a drama queen who preloads the official statements with propaganda) and it makes the rounds in the AGW psychoticsphere, we are left with unimaginable alarmism. It is to the point now that previous cults (Jonestown, Moonie’s, Heaven’s Gate, ad nauseum) are looking almost sane when compared to the AGW cult.

      • Independent says:

        It’s sad when people have to resort to things which are easily disproven in five seconds on Google like “first time in three decades the Arctic will be partially ice-free.” Surely people like Serreze know better than that. It’s like they want to have a debate (great) but want to introduce their own “facts.” (boo)

      • NoMoreGore says:

        The cult connection is very important. Marxism is merely a global version of Jones Town. Those of us who understand need to move the discussion in a way that combats the Alinsky onslaught. We should refer to the cult as a cult.. That’s what it is, and this is a powerful message even the poorly educated can understand.

        The left has realized this is coming, and moved ahead of us, calling things like Balancing the Budget “extreme” and “cultlike”. They think they can move the Overton Window in a day. They’re getting ahead of themselves. But we cannot sit back while this psychosis is inflicted on our country. We need the repeal of Mcain Fiengold that opened the door to Georgie Boy.

        Has the atmosphere of hostility increased since 2000? I think it has, big time. I hope all of you,(except Tony) 🙂 are politically active. I have never been in my life, but I am now. Do you want this nonsense to continue? Will you sit by while Agenda 21 is implemented? Help out. Give Money to candidates who operate in reality. I have good friends who are conservative Democrats who are shocked at what is happening. They had no idea it was an indoctrination. It’s a cult, boys and girls. A path to genocide.

      • Blade says:


        Ditto to every word you wrote.

  6. PJB says:

    Are these people scientists or press agents?

    Yesterday, the CNN Int’l edition link to that story sent you to something concerning a large effigy in a German swimming pool….. they can’t even get their stories straight!

    • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

      Under the current regime in Germany there seems to be a lot of effigying going of there but it would be nice if the government could give a kiss or use Vaseline while doing it. In some countries it is called Ra##!
      I should not pick on Germany alone because other governments are doing the same.

  7. ocurrain says:

    They’re the conservative white men (CWM) of climate change denial, “Cool Dudes: The denial of climate change among conservative white males in the United States.” Among other data, McCright and Dunlap show the following:
    — 14% of the general public doesn’t worry about climate change at all, but among CWMs the percentage jumps to 39%.
    —   32% of adults deny there is a scientific consensus on climate change, but 59% of CWMs deny what the overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists have said.
    —   3 adults in 10 don’t believe recent global temperature increases are primarily caused by human activity. Twice that many – 6 CWMs out of every ten – feel that way. 

    What’s more…McCright and Dunlap also find among these CWMs a phenomenon [called] “smart idiocy.” Even as they deny mainstream climate science, conservative white males are also more likely than average U.S. adults to think they understand the science they deny—that they’re right, the scientists are wrong, and they can prove it. Indeed, they’re just dying to debate you and refute you.But why do men downplay climate risks in particular? Here’s where “system justification” theory comes in: If climate change is real and human caused, it potentially threatens the whole economic order and those who have built it and benefited from it. It is the most inconvenient of truths. So the idea is that the men who benefit from the fossil-fuel based energy system will rationalize and defend that system from challenge—and the science of climate change is, in some ways, the ultimate challenge.

    • Gator says:

      Dumb and dumber. This is all the alarmists have left, ‘denialism’. They have given up on science as they have none. Svensmark, Spencer and Salby have removed all the legs from their stool and it will no longer stand. Sad swan song of the lost.

      • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

        They still have their useful idiots to spout off their BS. There was never real science behind the current Chicken Little Movement or HICC ( Human Induced Climate Change).
        Advocacy groups needed something to advocate and this Pathological science fits their mode of operation. Michael Mann could not defend his thesis until he switched to promoting global warming and became part of the Team.
        It seems the team could not qualify to be real scientists so they took to studying climate as it was a growth industry for those who could not do real science.

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