Record Heat, Hurricanes And Frogs

Just because America has experienced 9,000 heat records broken in 2011 so far is no evidence whatsoever that climate change is occurring or global warming is real. The fact that the world is experiencing record heat, colder winters, increased flooding, increased deadly tornados, increased deadly hurricanes, the unexplained deaths of millions of bees, frogs and the accelerated melting of the world’s ice caps isn’t proof of anything.


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6 Responses to Record Heat, Hurricanes And Frogs

  1. Jimash says:

    Now we gotta start naming dead frogs ?
    I bet those frogs topped themselves out of depression over the icecaps melting .
    Those frogs don’t deserve names, or googly eyes either.
    And what about Amy Winehouse ? Yet another unexplained item for the list..

    Bees like it hot.
    I think frogs like it hot too.

  2. Jimash says:

    Even the rocks are mutating !

    • Grumpy Grampy ;) says:

      Horrifying mutations on those rocks. They may have been exposed to some of the current crop of singing groups!

  3. huishi says:

    I saw some joker on a thread say that over 9,000 new heat records were broken in just July in the USA and this proved CAGW. I suppose it has never, ever been as hot as it was this summer the world over. Could we call it the “dust bowl days” or has that name been taken?

  4. Do my eyes deceive me? Or does that graphic suggest that 50% of the country was warmer and 50% was cooler? And does the range for both warming and cooling extend to 6 degrees in either direction? No wonder the climate pimps went back to examining chooks guts.

  5. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    America has experienced 9,000 heat records broken in 2011…

    Huh, I thought ‘weather is not climate’.

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