St. Louis Writer Can’t Count To 177

Climate change is real, mankind has contributed to it and, in a year in which extreme weather patterns have led to countless deaths, the role of climate change is a question worth researching.

No matter how you slice it, it’s been a horrific year for weather extremes. The St. Louis area just recorded its 17th death from the July heat wave, and the death toll from the Joplin tornado now stands at 160. Mid-Missouri suffered through a historic blizzard. And flooding of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers has kept parts of northwest and southeast Missouri under water for much of the spring and summer.

Earthquakes caused by climate change!

That’s just Missouri’s weather. It doesn’t begin to take into account the Japanese tsunami and earthquake, droughts in Russia, Africa and parts of the United States or flooding in Pakistan.

Apparently people’s counting skills were better in 1936

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9 Responses to St. Louis Writer Can’t Count To 177

  1. Andy WeissDC says:

    Evil airconditioning, run by rich selfish white people, has apparently prevented global warming from taking many more lives.

  2. gator69 says:

    I didn’t know they had a sci-fi section, cool.

  3. Kaboom says:

    Someone really should do something against those CO2-induced massive earthquakes and tsunamis.

  4. suyts says:

    lol, thanks Steve!! Hopefully the discussion on the page will continue for a bit.

  5. Russell C says:

    I’ve pointed out in other comments at Steve’s site here that anti-skeptic book author Ross Gelbspan is one of the first to promote the idea that extreme weather = proof of global warming, most prominently in his 2004 “Boiling Point” book.

    In case anyone missed it, I repeat one quote from the article, “Why else would 69 percent of Americans believe that climate change scientists have fudged their data, as the Republican-leaning Rasmussen Reports polling firm reported last week? Years of a disinformation campaign, funded by enormous amounts of money from energy industries, have had their effect.”

    Where does that last sentence come from? You guessed it……….. Ross Gelbspan.

  6. Dave N says:

    Apparently they don’t teach history in Missouri.

  7. gofer says:

    Scott Rasmussen will be surprised to learn he leans Republican since he often gives Obama better marks than Gallup. He also just happens to be the most accurate and since he polls “voters”, you can be sure people pay attention. What they don’t like is Rasmussen doesn’t fudge polls to give Dems an edge as you often see with other poll internals.

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