Extinction Of The Anasazi Was Less Severe Than Current Climate Change

Being a lefty means never having to tell the truth about anything. They never had floods or fires before.

By Lisa Anderson

NEW YORK (AlertNet) – North American Indian tribes, who have lived close to the land for generations, are disproportionately affected by climate change, according to a study released by the National Wildlife Federation.

“Extreme weather events can be devastating for tribes, many of whom already suffer from lack of resources,” said Amanda Staudt, a scientist with the National Wildlife Federation, during a conference call on the report.

Staudt noted that there have been eight weather and climate disasters in the first half of 2011, including flooding of the Missouri River in May, which left much of the Crow nation under water, and June wildfires in Arizona that consumed 21,000 acres belonging to the White Mountain Apache tribe.

Staudt warned that these kinds of events – which have cost some $32 billion in the first seven months of the year in North America – will become increasingly frequent in the years ahead and pose particular challenges to Indian tribes.

“Power disruptions from storms, long dry spells and heavy floods can be difficult to recover from, especially for people who live close to the land and have limited economic resources,” said Garrit Voggesser, senior manager of the National Wildlife Federation Tribal Lands Program.

Voggesser pointed out that while Native American tribes have coped for millennia with climate change – albeit not as acute and severe as currently experienced – tribal boundaries and treaties now limit their ability to move to escape severe effects of climate change.


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7 Responses to Extinction Of The Anasazi Was Less Severe Than Current Climate Change

  1. Andy WeissDC says:

    A mile thick sheet of ice down to Chicago and NYC was TRIVIAL compared to the harsh global weirding and climate change our Native Peoples put up with today!

  2. Latitude says:

    I’ve always found this interesting….
    …not many people know that American Indians were also slave owners and traders

    CHEROKEE SLAVE REVOLT OF 1842: American Indians as Slave Owners

    By 1860, the Cherokees had 4,600 slaves; the Choctaws, 2,344; the Creeks, 1,532; the Chickasaws, 975; and the Seminoles, 500. Some Indian slave owners were as harsh and cruel as any white slave master. Indians were often hired to catch runaway slaves; in fact, slave-catching was a lucrative way of life for some Indians, especially the Chickasaws.


  3. suyts says:

    lol, I wondered when you’d get to this!

    lol, yeh, they suffer more. You know what I don’t get? I don’t get why there isn’t an outrage at their stereotyping of “native” Americans. …lived close to the land…”…… WTF does that mean? What are those SOBs smoking that they’re not “close to the land?”

    Freaking idiots…….. here…..why don’t someone just send me the address to the “poor me, I’m a ______ American, people should feel sorry for me, fund.” What a hoot! No one has any fcking money, and these aZZholes, living off of money we borrowed so they can eat, are trying to figure out a way for us to give more money to people driving the same damned SUV’s all Americans are, just so they can feel better about themselves. Beautiful. Insanely stupid, but beautiful.

    Being 1/8th Osage……I’ll say they can go to hell. I’ll say any of me or mine don’t require nor desire any one’s help. Screw them for insinuating any part of me or mine need anything from those scumbags. I don’t. And, if any of mine need help, they can come to me. But, most don’t because they can do on their own. It turns out, we are of a better stock than the ones that believe we have to cry for our sustenance.

    It disgusts me that people of this nation believe there are some races that can’t adapt better than others. Fck them. Racist pieces of SHT. I am more than they are and I prove it every day. As does the overwhelming majority of Americans…..regardless of their race, creed or color.

    James Sexton

  4. Curt says:

    “Power disruptions from storms”. Well I guess the Anasazi never experienced that…

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