1931 : 500 Families In Texas Starving From Drought


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7 Responses to 1931 : 500 Families In Texas Starving From Drought

  1. Ivan says:

    “There are over 100,000 head of cattle on the trail from Texas to Colorado. So severe has been the drought that vast herds can be heard tramping the dry ground at night and lowing for water.”
    ~20 July 1886

  2. Ivan says:

    “Cattle and sheep are reported to be perishing by thousands in Texas, U.S., on on account of severe drought, there having been no general rains in the cattle regions for several months.”
    ~24 Aug 1886

  3. Ivan says:

    “In referring to the state of the meat market, one of our northern papers says that the protracted droughts in Texas and New Mexico have rendered it impossible for stockmen there to market beeves at least until very late, if at all.”
    ~2 Oct 1886

  4. Ivan says:

    “This has been a disastrous season for Texas—drought has prevailed over the greater part of the state, and when the drought broke up we had the most fearful storms I ever saw ; the destruction to life and property has been very great.”
    ~28 Feb 1887

  5. Ivan says:

    “A severe drought has been experienced in Texas, many homesteads having been deserted through want of water”
    ~6 May 1887

  6. Ivan says:

    At least they weren’t blaming CO2 120 years ago – they must have been smarter then:
    “The great Central American Desert has disappeared from our maps, but it is none the less true that the interior of the continent suffers sadly from drought. According to the experts, four tenths of the area of the United States, including Alaska, require irrigation—that is, parts of California, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, all of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana, and portions of Dakota and Washington. In this vast territory there flow a number of streams through narrow valleys, which have been settled by pioneers to their full capacity, and now there is a cry for more room. The room is there, but it can only be obtained by irrigating the broad sun-burned plains that lie at the back of the watercourses.”
    ~18 Oct 1889

  7. Gator says:

    How many are starving from the current drought?

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