It Doesn’t have Anything To Do With The $6 Trillion I Stole From Future Generations

Obama to begin bus trip across an unsettled nation

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama leaves the White House on Monday for a three-day bus trip, talking job creation at small towns across the Midwest in hopes of distancing himself from the “partisan brinksmanship” he says has poisoned the economy.

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8 Responses to It Doesn’t have Anything To Do With The $6 Trillion I Stole From Future Generations

  1. nigelf says:

    He and his Democratic cohorts regulations and taxes and ideology have suffocated investment and job creation. But none of them are man enough to admit it so they continue to blame everyone but themselves.
    I think the media is starting to catch on to this ugly game.

  2. Latitude says:

    He’s a moron……
    …I caught his speech on spending more money for shovel ready jobs

    building more roads, airports, infrastructure

    The man does not have even the smallest clue……………..

  3. Sundance says:

    Obama supporters remind me of the people in the Matrix that are fed and accept a non-reality as life is sucked out of them by the Matrix.

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Obama is in such a fantasy world that he probably believes he will win 2012. And he probably thinks he’s smarter than Benjamin Franklin.

  5. Brandon Caswell says:

    I think Obama has just simply accepted he will never get in again and is trying to do as much damage as possible (I assume he thinks it is the right things to be doing, we just dont know whats best for our own good)) before he gets shown the door.

    I think most democrats are pulling their hair out. They wanted another Bill Clinton, but got a walking socialism disaster at the worst possible time for the economy.

    Most Obama supporters are disappointed in the choosen one, they just won’t admit they were wrong about voting in a guy with no experience and no plan. Nobody wants to admit they fell for a bit smoke and mirrors with no real substance behind it. After saying that, how are they doing backing away from AGW?

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