Leading Arctic Researcher Shows That Glacial Melt Slowed Substantially Since 1952

Reader Kevin O’Neill brought this to my attention. Leading Arctic expert William Carlson said that glaciers in Norway and Alaska lost half their size during the fifty years before 1952. Had that rate of loss continued, there would have been no glaciers left in Alaska or Norway by 2002. Given that there are glaciers remaining, we can infer that the rate of ice loss was slower in the second half of the century than it was in the first half of the century.



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9 Responses to Leading Arctic Researcher Shows That Glacial Melt Slowed Substantially Since 1952

  1. Latitude says:

    Works for me!

  2. Mike Davis says:

    You do not understand! The more the ice melts the slower it melts! It is logarithmic!
    If half the ice melted in fifty years then half of the remaining will melt in the next fifty so there should still be ice laying around for thousands of years because only half of the remaining ice can melt during any 50 year period!
    Kevin said it is not linear!!!!!
    I just make this SH## up to try to figure out WTF they are trying to get across!
    Just like the weather that controls the ice the amount of ice in any region is variable and I would not expect any one region to represent any other region on the globe.
    Those that do are Total F’n delusional idiots!
    Kind of like extrapolating temperature records over a 2500 KMsq area. The difference between my place and the airport 40 miles away varies so much one would think they do not represent the same country let alone a small region within a state.

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