Ancient Coloradoans Were Very Short And Lived Underneath The Ice

Preserved artifacts found in melting ice patches along the Rockies

As global warming increases, icy tombs that preserved these artifacts are now melting and emerging from the ice. Pieces of animal remains, Native American baskets, and clothing are among the typical discoveries found from Lee’s frequent trips to the Rockies

h/t to Latitude

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7 Responses to Ancient Coloradoans Were Very Short And Lived Underneath The Ice

  1. Latitude says:

    the best is the last line……

    “It seems this bittersweet view into our past has come from the destructiveness of our inhabitants. Our environment is suffering, and yet this may be an extraordinary find, our global warming has evidently taking its toll.”

  2. Latitude says:

    Steve, here’s one you’ll like…
    …they found a 1000 year old squirrel trap/snare under the ice (only 1000 years ago was warmer)
    ground squirrels and pikas share the same habitat, and you don’t set a trap where they are not at…

    So the next time someone says pikas are moving further up the mountain…
    ….tell them they are returning to their normal territory

    “The searches of the melting ice patches have yielded up 2,400-year-old spear throwing tools, a 1,000-year-old ground squirrel snare, and bows and arrows dating back 850 years”

    • Al Gored says:

      Latitude – Only share habitat with some of the many groundsquirrel species. Most overlap with golden mantled groundsquirrels.

      What I find most interesting about that trap is that it just confirms how broad their diets were. Still were historically.

  3. Ivan says:

    What does this prove?
    Drifting for ten centuries through the uncharted seas north of the Arctic Circle, traversing many thousand miles of snow and silence, perhaps pushed by the ever grinding ice-floes to the North Pole itself, the body of a Viking a thousand years old has been returned at last to civilization. Encased from head to heel in a frozen winding sheet that preserved it more perfectly
    than any Egyptian mummy the Viking’s body was discovered by Danish Doctors, standing upright in a huge iceberg, cast up on the east coast of Greenland, (says “Popular Science Siftings” )…”
    ~2 Sept 1922

    • Jimash says:

      Greenland attracts ice like a magnet.
      Dead vikings are still very skilled seamen, even with icebergs.
      Wherever they were it was water when they threw him over the side.

  4. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    I find it somewhat tragic they don’t see the irony in these stories….

  5. Al Gored says:

    It is just like how they arranged fossils to manufacture evidence for evolution. Some ancient deniers were planting evidence in glaciers. Or maybe they just did it. There’s no other explanation. Expert journalists have stated that the previous 10,000 years of climate was far too stable for this.

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