The Second Law Of Climodumbnamics

2. CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere making the temperature get hotter and hotter. More energy comes into the atmosphere than leaves it.

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10 Responses to The Second Law Of Climodumbnamics

  1. Bebben says:

    1st law of Climate Dynamics: The bias in a climate science system is conserved.

    2nd law of Climate Dynamics: Valid points cannot flow spontaneously from a cold observer to a hot believer.

  2. Latitude says:

    but volcanoes and China can stop it….
    …use more hair spray

    Yet, every time something has stopped it, it resumed at the same trend line.
    Seems that if what they claim were true, temps would not resume that exact same trend like nothing happened…..
    …..if it was masked, it would jump back up to the level of the original trend where it left off

  3. Andy WeissDC says:

    Yes, and as a result we are going to become another Venus, or worse.

  4. Blair Ivey says:

    The neopagans remind me of an old Doonesbury cartoon in which he was commenting (I believe) on moral relatavism.

    Prof: So you say that the square root of 144 is 15?

    Student: In my culture it is.

    Prof: Would this be an advanced civilization?

  5. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    Can they make a thermos that actually heats things up by using CO2? I want one. My thermos just makes things cool slower… kind of like…

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