1949 : Scientist Proposed Melting Antarctica With Nukes



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2 Responses to 1949 : Scientist Proposed Melting Antarctica With Nukes

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Go ahead! What is the loss of a few cities compared to the gain of an entire continent!

  2. Blade says:

    The Mail (Adelaide, SA) Saturday 1 October 1949

    Atom use on polar ice ‘World threat’

    If atomic energy developments enabled scientists to melt the entire ice cap of the Antarctic continent, ocean levels throughout the world would rise up to 100 ft. and inundate large sections of the world’s coastlines, noted Antarctic explorer (Sir Douglas Mawson) said today.

    SIR Douglas Mawson was commenting on a statement made in Melbourne last week by Dr. P. Law, officer in charge of the Antarctic Division of the Department of External Affairs, that with the development of atomic energy the Antarctic would be the scene either of future international rivalry or cooperation.

    Some day heat from atomic energy plants might be used to melt the ice off large sections of the land, so it could be scientifically exploited, Dr. Law added.

    Sir Douglas Mawson said the melting of the ice would undoubtedly expose mineral deposits of great material value to the entire world.

    He added: ‘We mustn’t forget the project would certainly transform the climate of the Southern Hemisphere. “The probable effect on Australia would be to intensify desert conditions throughout the whole country.

    ‘The Antarctic would be a good place in which to live, but a lot of Australia would probably have to be aban doned.

    ‘The rise in ocean surfaces would mean there would be no Port Adelaide, Holland would be completely inundated, as would most of London, to name just a few places that would be affected.

    ‘If, in the future, scientists ever propose to put such a scheme into operation, it will be the subject of bitter international discussion and concern.’

    Now who really wouldn’t want to see this tried? Come on, admit it!

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