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Irene Almost As Curvaceous As Some Storm In Canada

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Huntsman’s One Supporter Voted For Obama

Poll Results In One Jon Huntsman Supporter In Iowa Between May 27-30, Public Policy Polling (D) surveyed 481 Republican voters in Iowa, and only one respondent said Huntsman’s his guy. Just one. PPP’s Tom Jensen posted details on the one … Continue reading

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Windfarms Making A Mess Of The Scottish Countryside

Sometimes you have to destroy the environment – in order to save it from your psychotic delusions.

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Whoops ….

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Birthday Party

August 31 is the one year anniversary of this blog. To celebrate, I have teamed up with a web partner who says he can make some money from advertising. (All that big oil money just isn’t coming in.) More soon. … Continue reading

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Obama Brings Sharian Law To Libya

Obama is against regime change – by other Presidents. There remains a degree of uncertainty and there are still regime elements who pose a threat. But this much is clear: The Gadhafi regime is coming to an end, and the … Continue reading

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50 Years Of Dangerous Warming In New Zealand


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