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20 Responses to Trust The Scientists

  1. gator69 says:

    Hinton and Dawson, the James Hansen and the Michael Mann of their day.

  2. DERise says:

    Hinton and Dawson didn’t have the UN, a multitude of green NGOs, a FORMER veep, The Mass Media, Nearly all the Inteligensia, Thousands of defunct comunists and anarchists, Greedy CEOs, General Electric (how LOW can you go), all the DemonRatic congresscritters and all the Rino Congresscritters on their side. If they did, we may have learned about the piltown man as the real missing link in school and these creeps would have been hailed as scientific heros right now!

    • glacierman says:

      Can you imagine the lengths they would have gone to to protect the “story”……oh wait, we are witnessing the modern day equivelant.

  3. Terra Incognita says:

    It wasn’t scientists that created the Piltdown hoax. It was scientists that proved it was a hoax.

    There were scientists who doubted the validity of the Piltdown skull from the very beginning. The importance of the skull diminished in the following years. It simply did not fit in with other discoveries being unearthed and thus it was considered an irrelevant aberration by those scientists who weren’t aware that it was a fake.

    The jury is out on who faked the skull but the suspects include Charles Dawson, who hadTielhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest and mystic with a strong interest in evolution; Sir Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes detective mystery novels and a few others.

    • There were scientists who doubted the global warming hoax from the beginning.

    • Ivan says:

      …according to the newspapers of the day, the “scientists” were also in the picture:
      “Mr. Charles Dawson, a Lewes solicitor and an amateur geologist, first heard four years ago that during excavations for gravel near Piltdown Common a skull had been dug up intact, smashed, and the pieces thrown away. He searched for the pieces, and found several. Then he enlisted the help of Dr. Woodward, and bit by bit found most of the fragments in the gravel pit. The portion found have enabled the skull to be reconstructed in plaster, and, together with the cast, they will be placed in the Natural History Museum.
      ‘”Our discovery,” explained Dr. Woodward, “confirms in a striking manner the theories of science. Professor Boyd Dawkins on the evidence of flint implements long ago described a race of men existing before the known cave-dwellers, whom he called ‘the river drift men.’ There were no relics of skeletons hitherto to prove that such a race had ever lived, but these remains establish the fact.
      ~24 Jan 1913

      • Terra Incognita says:

        Charles Dawson had an extensive history of frauds. Who was it/where they who exposed those frauds? As previously stated, most scientists ignored the Piltdown skull. So what’s the point of this thread?

        That you can’t trust scientists involved in the documentation of our evolutionary past? Why? Are you a Creationist? Reference to the Piltdown hoax is common by Creationists. They use a time worn tactic of claiming that the exception is the rule.

        Or are you perhaps saying, as the title implies, that you can’t trust scientists in general?

      • Ivan says:

        As previously stated, most scientists ignored the Piltdown skull.
        They ignored it so much that many, many articles were written about it in the ensuing years…an example:
        By Professor Berry.”
        ~21 March 1914 (~1600 words)
        This sound like “ignoring” to you?

      • Ivan says:

        you can’t trust scientists in general?
        Hmmmm….you might have a point…

      • DEEBEE says:

        Terra, pipe down, take a chill pill — whatever works. My read of Steve is that he has an issue with gerneralized trusts (as do I) on any category of humans. Perhaps you do not but going after him seems a bit much. But if you do feel like duking it out — have at it. Can br fun for us.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    And they are still trying to rewrite history to protect the guilty! It is more likely an attempt to polish the reputation of the scientific bodies that promoted the frauds!

    • Mike Davis says:

      That is why science historian is such a growth industry today! The world needs to hear the “Correct Version” History!

      • Terra Incognita says:

        This reminds me of my cousin who once said “Scientists are like a$$holes; evrybody has one”.

        He had his laptop computer right in front of him. Some people are just deaf to the laughter thundering from the gods of irony.

  5. Terra Incognita says:

    “40 years of acceptance of fraudulent science.”

    Steve, the clipping that you posted, clearly indicates the reason for the 40 year delay in accurately dating the skull. Flourine testing had not existed yet. What’s more, you are unfairly accusing scientists in general, throughout 2 generations of being active participants in the hoax.

    As I said in a previous post:
    “The importance of the skull diminished in the following years. It simply did not fit in with other discoveries being unearthed and thus it was considered an irrelevant aberration by those scientists who weren’t aware that it was a fake.”

    The Piltdown hoax just doesn’t make a good analogy with global warming.

    • Ivan says:

      The importance of the skull diminished in the following years…
      Hmmm… 20 years later:
      How History Is Made.
      “The Piltdown Man,” Professor Osborn stated after his address, “I date at 1,250,000 years, which is 500,000 more than existing calculations. These place the Java Man at about that time, but my calculation places him at 600,000 years-650,000 years later.”
      ~31 December 1931
      Clearly “science” has diminished interest in Piltdown Man some 20 years later!

  6. Terra Incognita says:


    I was talking about the scientific interest in Piltdown Man. I was not talking about a few newspaper articles here and there.

    • Ivan says:

      LOL on that one. Let’s have a look at a sample of the scientific interest in Piltdown Man in 1933 — twenty years after the “discovery”:
      “Mr. Miller’s discussion was evoked by an article by a distinguished British anthropologist, G. Elliott Smith, who traces modern man from the great apes of the tertiary geo logical period with such intermediate steps as the Java Man, Pithecanthropus, and the so-called Dawn Man of Piltdown, England”
      ~28 Jan 1833

      “LET Europe boast of its Piltdown skull, and eke of the Neanderthal man…”
      ~25 March 1933 – /article/22137259?

      “evidence of the recent discovery of Dr. L. S. B. Leakey of prehistoric human remains in Africa. The discoveries consist of pebble tools and skull fragments which he claims to be human and contemporary with the Piltdown skull.”
      ~23 April 1933 – /article/58679014?

      Another discovery of importance was made by Charles Dawson at Piltdown, Sussex, between 1911 and 1915.”
      ~8 July 1933 – /article/58623220?

      It was at least as old as the Java, Peking, and Piltdown specimens.”
      ~23 Oct 1933 – /article/1133463?

      “Dr. Broom reviews the main zoological and paleontological evidence of the evolution of man. The search for the missing link is described with full accounts of such famous skulls as the Neanderthal and Piltdown.”
      ~9 Dec 1933 – /article/11719122?

    • DEEBEE says:

      Terra are you related to Ill Wind Blowing?

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