Trust The Scientists

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8 Responses to Trust The Scientists

  1. Ivan says:

    The Mysterious Ray
    BEFORE “Death Rays” had become useful properties for fiction writers, or earned the cynical sneers of hardened sub-editors, Wingard thought the matter well over, and came to the conclusion that a good death ray might prove profitable to him if skilfully handled. The existence of ether waves and the connection between the X- ray, wireless waves, and light rays, had just become more or less generally accepted to the scientific world…”
    ~1 July 1937

  2. Ivan says:

    The Diamond Maker
    WE have to search a long way to find a greater example of downright impudence than Lemoine’s attempt to impose upon a director of the famous De Beers diamond mines with a claim that he could manufacture synthetic diamonds. FROM time to time this claim is put forward and because it is theoretically possible it is only natural that those who control diamond fields should dis play interest in it….”
    ~8 July 1937

  3. Ivan says:

    1000 Horse-Power From a Tumblerful of Water
    Public Tricked By An Amazing Motor
    IT is not surprising that wide- spread interest was evinced when a gentleman named Keeley announced his discovery of a means of producing vast quantities of energy at exceedingly trifling expense. Carefully dropping intriguing hints, but of course refusing to disclose the full nature of his secret, Keeley succeeded in attracting a great deal of publicity. Newspapers published interviews with him, and articles from his pen, scientists clamoured for information, and business men and engineers badgered Keeley for particulars of what was thought to be an epoch making invention…”
    ~15 July 1937

  4. Ivan says:

    Dr. Cook And The North Pole Fake Claim Brought Triumph And Dishonour
    AFTER great difficulties, finding that he could not accomplish the object of his journey into the
    frozen wastes of the North, he was tempted to claim success and give out that he was the first man to achieve the goal, in search of which so many had fallen…”
    ~22 July 1937

  5. Ivan says:

    …my personal favourite…
    A Cunningly Planned Fabrication
    WHEN a man who is famous in a particular branch of science perpetrates a hoax he can be certain of attaining a very high degree of success. His scientific brethren will not suspect a joke, and the more ignorant public will naturally take as gospel the statements of one whom they look upon as a grave and learned professor…”
    ~20 July 1937

  6. Ivan says:

    The Last of the Alchemists
    Changing Base Metals into Gold
    DESIRE to discover means of changing base metals into gold has been responsible for some strange chapters in history, and the full story of the alchemists could not be contained in many massive volumes. Special interest, however, centres in a particular alchemist who claimed he have found the long-sought for secret because he was an Englishman and has earned the tide of ‘The Last of the Alchemists…”
    ~5 Aug 1937

    • Mike Davis says:

      The Alchemists are alive and well to this day! They have managed to turn a base element into gold! They are trying to make a common element into a valuable item to be traded and hoarded!
      CO2!!! The new economic base if the scam artists get away with it!

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