Trust The Scientists!

The longterm support by leading research scientists, basing their claims and beliefs on scientific evidence, for the discredited Eugenics movement from the 19th well into the 20th century (until WW2) is a classic case of the interdependence of science and cultural beliefs. Fully established and accepted scientific views were used as the basis for legislation and court decisions, not that long ago, and here in the U.S. (as well as in most other eurocultural societies), which sought to strengthen the superior “white race” and discourage intermarriage and reproduction of the other “inferior races”.

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5 Responses to Trust The Scientists!

  1. DERise says:

    Eugenics was the darling science of the early 20th century progressive movement (now who have I hear call themself and early progressive type?). Some of the institutions based on it’s theories and practices devoped by some of it’s most famous adherences are alive and thriving today (see: Planned Parenthood). Listen to the way the the scientists, psycologists, scociologists supported by the progressives talk about if you don’t support global warming you’re sick, or mentally unbalanced, should be tatooed, imprisoned, committed. Hummm, I’ve read about this before, though for different subjects. It didn’t end well the last time.

  2. gator69 says:

    Progressives believe humans can be perfected. They must, becuase without perfected humans their ideology fails.

    Progressives are enamoured with theory, they do not understand human beings or the world around them.

    • Baa Humbug says:

      Yep gator, and to them the perfect humans would be ones that behaved just like ants. Question nothing, do as you’re catagorized, keep your place and be sacrificed for the common good.
      Ants; perfect social beings.

  3. chris y says:

    Svante Arrhenius, the most trusted and beloved global warming scientist ever, dabbled in other interests. Wikipedia- “Svante Arrhenius was one of several leading Swedish scientists actively engaged in the process leading to the creation in 1922 of The State Institute for Racial Biology in Uppsala, Sweden, which had originally been proposed as a Nobel Institute.”


    ” Arrhenius was a member of the institute’s board, as he had been in The Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene (Eugenics), founded in 1909.”


    About the same time, around 1905, while he was on the Nobel prize for physics and de facto member of the committee for chemistry, he awarded himself the Nobel prize in Chemistry.


    Truly there are few shoulders as broad and pure and trustworthy as those of Prof. Arrhenius, upon which modern science could find a firm footing…

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