When The West Side Highway Was Underwater

In 1660, lower Manhattan was much smaller. It was called New Amsterdam, Wall Street had a wall, and Water Street was on the water.


Superimposed on modern Manhattan

The tide gauge at lower Manhattan is placed on fill dirt, and is probably sinking into the water.


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10 Responses to When The West Side Highway Was Underwater

  1. glacierman says:

    So, Hansen was correct, he just had the wrong century?

    • suyts says:

      A prophet in reverse, he is.

    • Ivan says:

      For that much land to be exposed in such a short period of time (only 350 years) the sea levels must be dropping at a seriously alarming rate.
      Why hasn’t anyone noticed? Why the silence?
      Who is doing something about this catastrophe?
      If the sea level keeps dropping at this rate – there will be disastrous consequences — least of which will be millions of climate refugees who no longer have sea frontages or places to moor their yachts.

  2. Blade says:

    You know, when you put stuff in water it raises the sea level. Just get into a bathtub for example.

    NYC has a lot of added fill real estate around the city. Now extrapolate that everywhere around the globe.

    Clearly sea-level rise *is* partially man-made, it has to be, volume displacement is a law of nature!

    Couple this effect with the natural growth of new islands squirting out from the mantle also displacing water, more sea-level rise.

    How exactly could sea-level not be rising is a better question.

  3. Ivan says:

    So… how much have the sea levels actually FALLEN in last 350 years?
    Based on this, you’d have to say quite a few feet!

  4. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    What? James Hansen’s apologist didn’t perk up yet?

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