Jeff Masters : 90 MPH Winds

The Cedar Island Ferry Terminal measured sustained winds of 90 mph, gusting to 110 mph at 7:19am, and a trained spotter on Atlantic Beach measured sustained winds of 85 mph, gusting to 101 mph at 10:35 am. The Hurricane Hunters measured 80 mph winds over water at the time of landfall. Winds at the Cape Lookout, North Carolina buoy, which the eye passed directly over, peaked at 67 mph as Irene made landfall.

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15 Responses to Jeff Masters : 90 MPH Winds

  1. hell_is_like_newark says:

    The weather station off Virginia Beach is showing wind speeds of about 60 mph (sustained, not gusts).
    I found one working cam at Virginia Beach

  2. huishi says:

    Something just don’t add up with this storm. There is no way to get 90, 85, and 80 sustained wind speeds with the automated buoy siting there saying 67 unless that buoy is really fouled up. It looks real suspicious to me.

    • hell_is_like_newark says:

      I have been clicking through the NOAA stations.. both on water and land. I can’t find a single one that recorded hurricane force sustained winds. I just want to know where the 90 mph numbers are coming from.

      I even checked working beach cams at the time when the full force of the storm surge was supposed to hit. I saw water well back away from dunes and homes.

      Everything I see is just a big Nor Easter but with a lot more rain. By what I am observing, the biggest damage is going to be due to rain induced flooding. Not wind and storm surge (similar to what NJ went through from Floyd)

  3. Mike Davis says:

    I get the feeling they are taking KPH and using it as MPH! but that does not even add up!

  4. Dannoh says:

    I live on the coast in South-Eastern NC. I’m not a metorologist or anything, but it was pretty windy here. We lost power for about 17 hours and I got 2 down trees on my property. No idea how high wind speeds actually were, but I don’t imagine that a 33 MPH wind would have taken down those trees. I’m just saying…

    • hell_is_like_newark says:

      The NOAA stations recorded winds (sustained) to about 65 mps.. with most showing in the 30 to 55 range. That’s enough to take out a tree when you have seriously rain soaked tree root systems.

    • Latitude says:

      Dan, it probably won’t with a nor-easter. Don’t you guys usually get those in the winter and early spring….when trees don’t have a full canopy
      Plus…you probably had gusts. Friction causes the air to roll……..

  5. Biff says:

    Why on earth are all of you questioning windspeeds? Is this the Kennedy conspiracy?

    • Why are you questioning the readings from wind gauges?

      • Biff says:

        I’m not. Reading wind gauges if a fine and admirable thing to do. I’m just wondering why it’s so important to you. Just explain why it matters.

    • hell_is_like_newark says:

      I have a problem with reports of 80+ mph wind speeds, from official sources, when none of the NOAA’s weather stations back up those reports. If the official reports are at best exaggerations or at worst, deception.. why would you trust anything they report?

      If this storm turns out to be nothing more than a bad NorEaster, a whole lot of people have left their homes, paid money to have their belongings moved to higher ground, bought plastic and other supplies (Home Depot was cleaned out of storm related stuff) when they didn’t need to. A lot of people who have spent time and treasure over the fact that they were fed false information.

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