Joe Bastardi : 6th Strongest Hurricane On Record For North Carolina

Joe Bastardi says:

There are winds gusting to near 120 mph. The storm may destroy every boardwalk up the coast. Please, you are doing a disservice to our side of the debate by downplaying this. ITS A 951 MB LAND FALL… 6th strongest on record in NC.

This is not a fight you should be fighting with these people. Lets not resort to the tactics they have ( warmingistas) by twisting examples. The exposure of some of the ob sites is leading to some of the reports, but other areas are getting hammered in the way this should 951 mb is similar to the pressure of IKE which was ridiculed before hand cause it was downgraded to 2

I beg of you guys. Make fun of me after if this is not a 5-10 billion dollar storm , but wait till the game is over because we are setting ourselves up for problems if we find the boardwalks destroyed and people without power for a week like I think.

LETS FIGHT THEM WITH TRUTH on the facts .. Hurricanes are not caused by global warming, but lets fight them on the merits of the issue, not with examples, whether I am right on how this turns out or not!

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39 Responses to Joe Bastardi : 6th Strongest Hurricane On Record For North Carolina

  1. huishi says:

    If this hurricane with its 85 mph winds (National Hurricane Center) is the 6th worst in North Carolina’s history then that state has been blessed indeed with a lack of big hurricanes.

  2. Latitude says:

    “boardwalks destroyed and people without power for a week”


    There are people in the Bahamas with half a house right now, no commercial docks which are their life blood…… and we’re whining about boardwalks!

  3. reppep says:

    Joe Bastardi makes sense. And our concern must be for our own nation. Mr Bastardi was not whining about boardwalks but stating facts. No need to denigrate him, he is well respected and certainly not an alarmist!

  4. huishi says:

    I just watched news coverage of the storm on 5 cable channels. Oddly, not one mentioned the sustained winds at all. No one even mentioned gusts. Wind speed was just off the radar.

    I did see on street that was covered with a whole foot of water. I was terrified at the sight. Thank the gods nothing like that has happened here in Florida.

    • Latitude says:

      I just heard on the news that any one caught playing in the water would be arrested…
      …they would have to arrest the entire state of Florida

    • BoR says:

      Are you completely high? The last storm that hit Key West had eight freaking feet of water running all the way up and over the streets and houses. Of COURSE this has happened in Florida. Did you not see the pictures in Key Largo? Does the 1935 Labor Day storm ring any of you bells? Did Andrew not register? Charlie? David? Were you asleep during Georges? Do you even live here in Florida? Donna. Camile. Betsy … that was a good one. Ivan. There’s no town in Florida that hasn’t been hit at least once. Never happens here? Crazy.

    • I did see on street that was covered with a whole foot of water. I was terrified at the sight. Thank the gods nothing like that has happened here in Florida.


  5. Biff says:

    Just came across this site. Please explain how questioning wind speed in a hurricane is actually smart. Understand the political agenda, but these posts today are just irresponsible and silly.

    • Mike Mangan says:

      Irresponsible in what way? Is someone endangered because of what Steve posted? Is it his fault he can’t find a source for their claims? What harm does he cause by pointing out the truth? And what kind of man calls himself biff? I bet you look like Chaz Bono.

    • ACR says:

      Mr. Goddard hasn’t minimized the threat of excessive rainfall or storm surge. His comments seem to be solely focused on wind speed. I’ve been reading the blog as part of an effort to seek the truth about H. Irene’s wind speed. Whether that is smart or not — I suppose the pursuit of the truth is always smart.

      • Biff says:

        But what is the point of the debate? Does he thing wind speeds are being exaggerated to promote the liberal agenda?

      • Terra Incognita says:

        “Mr. Goddard hasn’t minimized the threat of excessive rainfall or storm surge. His comments seem to be solely focused on wind speed.”

        So what? He is minimizing the impact of the situation. Who gives a fig about focusing solely on wind speeds?

      • Latitude says:

        …there’s an analogy there somewhere

      • ACR says:

        I must be misunderstanding Mr. Goddard’s critics. It seems that their position is that because rainfall and/or storm surge can lead to damaging flood water, it is irresponsible to try to determine actual wind speeds associated with H. Irene. Am I unintentionally misconstruing the critics’ position?

      • stevengoddard says:
        August 28, 2011 at 12:12 am

        The point of the debate is that surface wind speeds don’t agree with NOAAs initial claim of 85 MPH, and NOAA has just acknowledged that fact.

        That point was missed by most commenters on the post that was linked to Drudge.

  6. Duh says:

    You people don’t know anything about Hurricanes. Winds are not the most dangerous part of a hurricane (there are some exceptions: Hurricane Andrew for example). Generally speaking, storm surge and drenching rain cause more damage than wind. By talking about what a dud this hurricane is because it has no wind you are missing the point completely and are making yourselves look foolish.

    • caraduda says:

      agree. any idiot who spends 10 minutes researching hurricanes knows this. steven goddard and all the idiots saying the winds are all hype haven’t seen real winds (read: andrew, francis, charlie, jeanne, ivan and katrina) to know what the fuck you’re talking about. when the storm surge hits, i hope you all get fucked so you know what we deal with every year in the tropics.

      • Mike Mangan says:

        Aren’t you supposed to be fetching me a towel and a Piña Coloda? Put your sandals back on and get to work.

      • Terra Incognita says:

        “Aren’t you supposed to be fetching me a towel and a Piña Coloda? Put your sandals back on and get to work.”

        This is what passes for rational debate on a ‘skeptic’ website’. It is nothing more than a feeble ego defense.

    • Terra Incognita says:


      Hear, hear!

      This weakening puppy is 500 miles wide! If it were half the diameter then it would pack a much bigger punch as far as wind speed. Yet the huge diameter of this storm more than compensates for wind speed.

  7. Buddy says:

    Storm surge and flooding from rain would be the main threat I would see from this storm. These threats cannot be ignored.

    • Squidly says:

      But there doesn’t seem to be that much of a surge. I would agree that the rain is going to cause some problems however, but nothing more than as is seen elsewhere in the country all the time.


  8. Biff says:

    Tax cuts for the rich cause more wind speed

  9. Sharpshooter says:

    “Context” is something that is unique to humans, most appreciable to adults.

    So, evidently to some here, the hysterical hyperbole that emanated from NOAA is no big deal, but questioning the almighty state is heresy.

    • Terra Incognita says:

      Why don’t you guys admit it? All these threads posted about the ‘triviality’ of Irene are nothing more than childish attempts to downgrade any organization connected to AGW.

      As for your quip about “worshipping” the state, it is nothing more than pseudo anti-authoritarianism. NOAA is doing a much better job than you could ever do.

  10. Eli says:

    Oh noes! Without power for a week! Don’t let anyone tell him, but when we had that blizzard+massive freezing rain in Ontario and Quebec, some people were without power for 4 months. And in those 4 months, the temperature dropped as low as -38C.

  11. Doug says:

    The problem is that this is a slow 24 hour news cycle, and the media got hold of this storm and way over-hyped it. Mayor Bloomberg forced 5 hospitals to move patients, some on life support. At what cost (one ambulance, 4 nurses per patient) and what risk to the patient? He shut down the subways. What will 150,000 people that evacuated do–walk home? And all this for what? Come on, there are stronger noreasters nearly every winter. The forecasters went overboard, and once they got themselves painted into a corner and saw that the storm was spreading wide and weakening, their pride wouldn’t let them back down, so they started faking (or at least over-stating) information to save face. That’s the rub–these guys are like the chicken saying the sky is falling, so when a REAL storm comes, nobody will believe them. That’s the danger here.

  12. Doug says:

    Bastardi needs to face up to the “wuss factor” in modern day life–everything is huge drama and he must address this problem because “over forecasting” occurs WAY more than “under forecasting” and it’s causing people to disregard real warnings, sirens, and screaming headlines. People already distrust authority–events like this simply feeds that narrative. One day thousands will refuse to evacuate when the REAL THING hits, and the responsibility for those deaths could arguably fall back on the heads of the silly forecasters.

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