Trees And Shingles


An agent for State Farm, the country’s largest property insurer, said he was surprised at the intensity of the wind and the duration of the storm, but he added that Irene so far seemed to have done less damage than 1996’s Hurricane Fran or 1999’s Floyd.

There’s a lot of trees down, a lot of power outages, a lot of shingles missing but I didn’t see any huge structural damage as we saw in Fran,” said David Hull, whose Jacksonville, North Carolina home had already been without power for 14 hours. He said utility company crews were already out in his neighborhood assessing damage.

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6 Responses to Trees And Shingles

  1. Squidly says:

    I love this one … “East Coast Feels Irene’s Wrath” …

    Looks pretty devastating to me! … ROFLMAO

  2. Squidly says:

    Wondering where/when they got the images to the link above .. a current picture shows this:

    Could be eating cony dogs out there right now.

  3. Squidly says:

    Oh come on … if I were still living in Jacksonville, FL, my friends would be out surfing. We called this a Nor-Easter and whenever we got one, the surf junkies would run to the beach!

  4. Latitude says:

    Sorta blows the image when they have reporters on the beach………..

  5. chris y says:

    I was living in Raleigh, NC in 1996 when Fran rolled by. There were hundreds of tornadoes spawned by the rain bands. My wife hid next to the fireplace as the storm came through overnight. I flew back the following morning, gathered luggage from motionless carousels lit by emergency lights, and heard the airport doors locked by security guards behind me. We lost 8 large (3 foot diameter) pine trees in our back yard. The rootball was simply yanked from the drenched soil. The tornado then jumped over our house, took the roof off the house 2 doors down, and continued a swath of destruction for another mile. This pattern was repeated in hundreds of other locations. My boss had to chainsaw his way out of his home, because fallen trees blocked all the doors. He lost 28 huge trees. Our power was out for a week. We had great neighborhood BBQ’s that week, as people wanted to cook lobsters, steaks, salmon, before they spoiled. Downed trees and massive rootballs were collected and continuously chipped at several central sites for over a year. One site I drove by every day was one square mile, with two massive chippers creating a debris field more than 60 feet deep.

    I think Fran was a TS by the time it reached Raleigh.

    Fran was much worse than Frances, Ivan or Jean, all of which I experienced in 2004 here in Florida.

    Good times all around.

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