Comment From Reader Andre

Andre says:

I was a first responder and thoroughly trained in Hurricane damage assessment and disaster management by FEMA. I have been involved in many Washington D.C. metro area hurricanes over the past 25 years. This is by far the weakest hurricane I have ever seen that was considered a serious threat. I don’t get it. There was never any reason I could see for calling this the 50 year hurricane. The poster is correct, I was monitoring the wind speeds all along the east coast for the past 48 hours, the wind speeds even next to the non-existent eye never exceeded 50-60 mph and was 10-35 MPH over 95+ percent of the nearby area. I’ve been in touch with my contacts at ARC and a few of them are in agreement, it makes no sense. The “tropical storm” portion of this storm extends no more than 60 miles from the center, the rest only qualifies as a “tropical depression”. This is based on the real data that anyone can find on the internet. I don’t care what NOAA or NHC says if it does not have a basis in fact.

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14 Responses to Comment From Reader Andre

  1. bkhuna says:

    It make perfect sense. Obama is campaigning. He wan’t to prove that Katrina couldn’t happen on his watch. The Feds, Bloomberg, are just trying to scare us, hence we’ll all think that things are so much betten now than in 2005 and pumping up their approval ratings.

    Imagine if a catagory 3 storm directly hit NYC. Oh well, at least Bloomberg IS thinking instead of letting his people drown.

    Yes We Con!

  2. Ace says:

    Mayor Chicken Little should be run out of office for what he attempted to pull this weekend.
    Fortunately, people aren’t as stupid as he believes they are.

  3. bkhuna says:

    Ace, some are. Hope and Change.

  4. Dave G says:

    LSM just announced, Irene downgraded to tropical storm

    • Mike Davis says:

      That means it qualifies as a depression at most and it is probably lost in the cold front that was moving into the region!

  5. P Gosselin says:

    Time to call for a commission to investigate this media and weather services fraud and alarmism. No one is going to listen to them in the future at a time it will really count.

  6. rw says:

    This shows very nicely that these people are insidiously planning this thing. This is truly a kind of social hysteria. But instead of going from fear to hype, it goes from hope to hype.

  7. rw says:

    A relevant reference for understanding the AGW phenomenon, especially the present “global weirding” phase, is “Mute Evidence” by Daniel Kagan and Ian Summers, which deals with the cattle mutilation hysteria of the 1980’s in the western and midwestern parts of the US. There are some basic parallels between that hysteria and the current one, I think.

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