New York City Pummeled By 0.0 MPH Winds

Good thing Bloomberg evacuated.

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24 Responses to New York City Pummeled By 0.0 MPH Winds

  1. Mike Davis says:

    I can post it that way but not using the Facebook login!

  2. Robb876 says:

    You’re an idiot… Can’t believe the drudge story labeled you as a “scientist”.. What a joke..

  3. Robert Murphy says:

    Those “0 mph winds” sure were enough to knock down this tree in Brooklyn:

    “Steven Goddard”, on the wrong side of the facts, once again.

    • Wind gusts will do that. A tree blew over on my house in April, but I don’t think we had a hurricane.

      • Robert Murphy says:

        Ah huh. You’re grasping at straws, “Scientist” Steve Goddard. What a joke. This doesn’t even rise to “blog science”.

        PS: I live a little outside of Raleigh, NC. *We* had higher than 33 mph winds, and we weren’t near the eye. You trust the wind gauges at Weather-Underground (which never seem to coincide with what I see outside), and I (and everybody else with a functioning brain) will trust our eyes and the facts.

      • Mike Davis says:

        Three different sources are reporting the same weak winds! It is not just WU! Most of the sites are getting their information straight from NOAA monitoring stations!

      • Robert Murphy says:

        Mike: Yeah, and NOAA correctly reported Irene hit NC as a hurricane. “Goddard” is out of his mind if he thinks it hit as a weak tropical storm. I know “Goddard” is allergic to facts, but really, this is too much. He’s saying in effect there was grand conspiracy between meteorologists and ALL of the media in faking 30-40 mph of wind. Don’t you think people up and down the coast would have said something? Have you a skeptical bone in your body at all?

      • Mike Davis says:

        NOAA is telling Bed Time stories to scare the little kids! Fairy Tales if you will about the monsters under your bed! Run and hide now!

      • Robert Murphy says:

        The wind gauges at WU are clearly not accurate of they said that Irene hit NC as a weak tropical storm. Really, do you honestly think that all those meteorologists are lying by 30-40 mph of wind speed? That there’s a giant conspiracy between them and ALL of the media but you, “Steve Goddard” have uncovered it with your screenshots of WU wind speeds at a few locations? I take that back; of *course* you do. You’ll believe anything if it makes no sense. That is your M.O. after all.

        • NOAA made a statement yesterday at 5 eastern that there was a sharp discrepancy between their airplane wind measurements at altitude, and wind speeds recorded on the ground. They downgraded their initial estimate of 85 MPH at landfall as a result.

      • Robert Murphy

        You better contact the WeatherUnderground and tell them your tree horror story and let them know the data they are reporting is FUBAR. Will you do that?

    • Mike Davis says:

      I have trees blow down at my house every time a cold front passes through! I just take a chin saw out and cut them up for fire wood. A neighbor gets paid twice every time the wind blows. He gets paid to remove the wind fall and he gets paid b people wanting firewood!

  4. Micah says:

    None of the GUSTS listed are even hurricane force.

    • According to Robert Murphy, a commenter above, the sky is falling and we don’t know it. He should run to Obama’s Hurricane Centralâ„¢ and tell him all about it at once! I’m sure The Weather Channel will interrupt regular programming and go live to them.

      Oh wait, The Weather Channel’s regular programming is already about the sky falling—just ask Jim Cantore. He’ll make hour long shows about it with a grim look on his face and a foreboding tone in his voice.

      • Robert Murphy says:

        I didn’t say the “sky was falling”. I said Irene hit NC as a hurricane, not a weak TS. It has thankfully been weaker than was originally predicted (though it dropped a helluva lot of rain on the NC coast), and if that is what “Steve Goddard” had stressed, that would have been one thing. But no, he couldn’t do that. He he had pretend it hit with 33 mph winds and was barely a TS. In order for him to be correct, there *had* to have been a massive conspiracy that added 30-40 mph of wind to the reports. A conspiracy that only *he* could uncover by sitting on his computer and taking screenshots from WU of a few locations. Look, I live outside of Raleigh, and there were 30 mph winds here, far from the eye of the storm. Trees are down, fences are bent and broken here. We didn’t get the worst of it by far. Now “Steve Goddard” wants people to believe that there was no wind in NYC because a WU screenshot (with no time-stamp) says so, despite trees down around the city and the video evidence of people on the scene? Really, you people haven’t a skeptical bone in your bodies. No wonder Watts kicked you off his site; if you’re too nutty for him, that says something.

  5. Lulz says:

    I love how Robert Murphy keeps putting Steven Goddard in quotation marks. Here’s a link on how to sue quotes for emphasis, so that you won’t look like such an agitated buffoon in the future.

  6. Tony Duncan says:

    I heard a rather loud explosion near my house in Vermont an hour ago. Power went out. then it went back on and then another explosion and it went out again. Fire trucks and lots of people in yellow raincoats with funny hats around. I went to train since I have no electricity and was told to turn back because of flooding. I went to my other training place, over the other bridge and more people with yellow and funny hats looking at the water. It was higher and rougher than I have ever seen it.. Got an automated phone call from the town secretary saying that rt 9 is closed along almost the entire length across southern VT. . Reported flooding all around the area. I have ben here 11 years and have never seen this much flooding in town.
    Was the storm exaggerated? Definitely. I also have been telling people that these are usually duds, having lived through 3 or 4 similar situations in NY from 1980 on. This has happened even before Global warming was something weather people thought about. I told my 89 year old father that he would be fine in his Manhattan apartment. I told everyone that they were over reacting to shut down the transit system. So i partly take Steve’s side on this.
    All that being said, you may not recall the shellacking Bloomburg got after the snow storm that shut down NY this winter. And as I recall there was a little whispered complaining when some sort of storm hit New Orleans a few years ago. If you are public official or national weather service, which form of criticism are you going to be more sensitive to. “hey you guys exaggerated and not much happened”, or “How could you allow such a tragedy to occur?”. Of course if you are a republican president you can get away with anything and suffer no consequences, even when thousands die, and there are billions of dollars in devastation, but a democrat is not afforded that sort of pass. After all Lawrence Lindsey was fired for suggesting the Iraq war could cost over $100 billion dollars. And Wolfowitz said reconstruction would be free- in congressional testimony, and he didn’t even lose his christmas bonus. But that was hype and lies about an unecesary fraudulent war, not something REALLY important like exaggerating a hurricane.

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