NOAA Still Calling This A Hurricane

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19 Responses to NOAA Still Calling This A Hurricane

  1. Mike Davis says:

    They can not down grade it until after it passes New England after all the hype!

  2. Biff says:

    NOAA is a secret government plot to foment the seeds of socio-egalitarian genetic seed modifcation on a geo-political scale

  3. Dave Day says:

    Insurers like Obama’s buddy/donor Warren Buffett have to cover damages over the standard deductible of $500 to $1000 if it isn’t a “hurricane”. If it is a “hurricane” they only have to cover past a deductable of 5% of the insured value. On a $250,000 property that can be a $10K+ savings for the insurer. Multiply by the number of claims and you get a $ number certainly big enough to warrant more donations to Obama’s campaign chest.

    NOAA apparently has their marching orders. It WILL be a “hurricane”, regardless of the facts on the ground.

    • hell_is_like_newark says:

      According to the radar link you provided, I should be experiencing hurricane force winds where I am. I am not. Wind gusts are 50 mph at best with sustained well below that. Its windy, but hardly hurricane strength.

      I checked several weather stations close to here(NOAA and others) and they are reporting the same.

      The storm I went through in March was worse than this…

      • hell_is_like_newark

        See, what is confusing the situation for people like John is that alarming forecasts are just not lining up with what is happening in observation. Some people are having a very difficult time adjusting to what is commonly called “reality”. So, to compensate they start seeing things that aren’t really there.

  4. kirkmyers says:

    This may be the most politicized “hurricane” in U.S. history. NOAA can’t afford to downgrade this storm to tropical storm status before it hits New York City. It would be far too embarrassing to Mayor Bloomberg, who has managed to turn Irene into the second coming of Hurricane Camille.

  5. Layne says:

    Drudge says Obumster has taken control of the Hurricane command center. Now we can all quit worrying.

    Speaking of Drudge, how was it drinking from a firehose today, Steve? Got traffic?

  6. slimething says:

    This is beginning to look like the ‘heat index’ heat wave.

  7. Stan Janiak says:

    We’ll never get a true Irene report. The media has invested too much time in “hurricane” coverage. Fox has run their the story into the ground.

  8. kccat says:

    And while the MSM LIE about the dangers of this storm PPL are plating street hockeys and dancing in the rain in the background!

    This storm is a NON EVENT!!! Hurricane my ass. I wont even call it a tropical storm it is so weak. Thank GOD I didnt run for the shelters like the sheeps.

  9. kccat says:

    Playing* in the street.

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