The Eye Of The Tiger

The eye of Irene passed almost directly over New York City. Here are the stats from Weather Underground.

Precipitation 4.56 in
Wind Speed 14 mph
Max Wind Speed 24 mph
Max Gust Speed 60 mph

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10 Responses to The Eye Of The Tiger

  1. hell_is_like_newark says:

    Is that precipitation total? We had way more rain that that here across the Hudson from Manhattan

  2. mwhite says:

    “Irene batters New York, raising fears of flooding”

    “Tropical Storm Irene – downgraded from a hurricane”

  3. mwhite says:

    There is a serious side

  4. kccat says:

    When was that precip report recorded? We got a lil more then that….I am in the Hudson valley and our lakes over flowed and flooded the parking lots

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